Headlines: A costly cleanup for drinking water



A costly cleanup for drinking water
By Nick Busse, Session Weekly
If you were to take a map and draw a line starting from the center of the Washington County Landfill and running east, the first thing you’d run into would be Jim Blackford’s house. These days, it’s not such a great location.

Sober Houses spark heated discussion in St. Paul
by Carrie Wasley, TC Daily Planet
Facts, opinions and myths about sober houses generated lively discussion at a March 3 public hearing. “Who pays for these people?” asked a Merriam Park resident, who clearly wanted no sober houses on his block.

U.S. experiments on Blacks served as groundwork for Nazis
by Anna Pratt, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Journalist and bioethicist Harriet Washington outlined an astonishing era in U.S. history, which has seldom been studied or written about: a long line of abusive medical experimentation on Black people, which she talked about during a well-attended lecture at the University of Minnesota on Thursday, February 28.


Readers, Writers and Books

Lifelong collector donates comic books
by Emma Carew, Minnesota Daily
Hey, Paul Bunyan and Dorothy: move over and make room for Batman, Superman and the X-Men.

Minnesota’s first poet laureate
by staff, Minnesota Daily
Robert Bly’s honorary position is new to the state of Minnesota.

‘The Tired Old Men Who Stayed Behind’
by Julia N. Opoti, Mshale
A tapestry of national-geographic-like imagery and stories on the history and the culture of the Karimojong people of Uganda, this publication is more than a coffee table book.


What would you do with $193 million?
by Robin Marty, Minnesota Monitor
In light of Obama’s recent fund-raising numbers, as well as the announcement that he has raised $193 million to date I assume I’m not the only one wondering…what could he do with all of that money?