Headlines: Biomass brouhaha in Minneapolis



Biomass brouhaha in Minneapolis
by Nick Busse, Session Weekly
Minneapolis residents concerned about emissions from a proposed wood-burning power plant in the city’s East Phillips neighborhood scored a victory March 25 when a House division threw a new roadblock in front of the project.

It’s all about the worms
by Jeanette Fordyce, TC Daily Planet
Good food can be grown in pots, in backyards, or in community gardens—so long as the soil is good. That message was delivered enthusiastically at the fourth annual GardenWorks fair at First Christian Church in Minneapolis.

The Alzheimer’s garden
by Michelle Christianson, Park Bugle
One speciality of St. Anthony Park resident Erik Jorgensen, whose landscaping business is called Wandering Designs, is creating Alzheimer’s gardens, which often include a structure such as a gazebo.


Minnesota Artists Hold mnSpin
Susan Budig, Mshale
Spread out on the tables at Nomad World Pub on the West Bank of Minneapolis are candy cigarettes alongside tattoos for the Minnesota Historical Society, pens and a keychain. Lying underneath these trinkets is literature for mnSpin, Summit Brewery, and mnartists.org, a project of the McKnight Foundation and the Walker Art Center.

Readers, Writers and Books

Book note: Two volumes of photography capture mid-century Minnesota
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
With the sesquicentennial upon us, it’s time once again to go searching for the soul of Minnesota. The last time we did this was in the state’s centennial year of 1958, and two books of photography published this spring take us back to that era. Both contain vivid images and serve as time capsules of mid-century Minnesota, but there the similarities between the two volumes largely end.

Powerhouse poet Patricia Smith’s gift is genius
by Dwight Hobbes, Insight News
It’s great when a genius comes along –it just kind of clears the air. So it goes with gifted poet Patricia Smith.


Health, security, and mandates: the Chilean experience
by Jeff Nygaard, Nygaard Notes
On March 12th a very tiny news item appeared here and there in the nation’s media that—it seemed to me—deserved to be a bigger news item.

Editors’ note: Congratulations to Daily Planet writer Andrea Myers, who has been hired as music editor at City Pages. Watch for Andrea Myers’s profile of spoken word artist Dessa, coming soon in the Daily Planet.