Headlines: Arts in the city at the St. Paul Conservatory for the Performing Arts



Arts in the city: St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Arts
by Scott Russell, TC Daily Planet
For three weeks in January, junior Kevin Singer and a number of schoolmates spent almost no time on academics and at least 7 hours a day rehearsing for Bat Boy: The Musical. It was their J-term project.

Assess principals fairly, group says
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
A national organization is calling for caution while Congress debates what constitutes a highly qualified principal.

What would King George do?
by Chris Steller, Minnesota Monitor
Legislators mulling measures to reform the Metropolitan Council so far aren’t hearing an outcry from the colonies — er, Met Council districts — calling for the right to actually elect their representatives. “The council has taxing authority,” Lakeville’s city administrator told the Strib’s Jenna Ross, “so the idea that it be accountable to the taxpayers just makes sense.”


Views and Reviews

A lot can happen in ten minutes
by Jonah Winn-Lenetsky, TC Daily Planet
Maren Ward, one of the artistic directors of Bedlam Theatre, says that “the Ten Minute Play Festival is indicative of Bedlam’s ideology that everyone, professional artist or not, needs access to opportunities for creativity. This ties in to our mission to blend professional and community art, and ultimately subvert that distinction.”

Park Square Theatre brings acclaimed play “Frozen” to St. Paul
by Rebecca Mitchell, TC Daily Planet
Byrony Lavery’s Frozen, a 2004 Tony Award nominee for best play, opens this week at Park Square Theatre in St. Paul. Frozen follows the intertwining stories of a tattooed serial killer (Terry Hempleman), a grieving mother (Karen Landry), and a psychologist (Linda Kelsey) studying the criminal mind.

Local lens, worldwide view
By Katie Fournier, The Bridge
Location Images and iDream.tv started with an eclipse and the search for the beginning of the universe. In 1979, for their first project together, filmmakers Edie French and Paul Auguston traveled to Bowbells, N.D. to produce a film for the University of Minnesota’s astronomy department about a team of scientists hoping to discover the secrets of the origin of the universe in a total eclipse of the sun.


Who isn’t claiming potential to be “Saudi Arabia of” renewables?
by Dan Haugen, Minnesota Monitor
As a blogger who follows energy issues, my RSS reader is stuffed with Google alerts for keywords like “wind,” “solar,” and “renewable energy.” I’ve noticed a phrase popping up over and over again used to brag about a state or region’s renewable energy potential: “the Saudi Arabia of…”


MN-03 Analysis: why Our Brave Captain is winning
by Eric Pusey on MNBlue • Politics from the Precincts, 3/9/08
Yesterday the delegates across MN-03 sent a resounding statement that they prefer Ashwin Madia. He garnered 41.5 of 62.5 delegates available.


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