Headlines 6/4/08: African American involvement with school board, community radio, Swanson off the hook



Covenant seeks African American involvement with school board
by Ariah Fine, TC Daily Planet
The African American Mobilization for Education sees two specific problems in the Minneapolis Public Schools: African American children aren’t being properly educated and the African American community hasn’t been given a voice and opportunity to collaborate to help address this crisis. To address these problems, the AAME proposes a Covenant between the community and the school board.

Interview: Janis Lane-Ewart, the breath of Fresh Air Radio
by Patricia Webb-de la Cadena, TC Daily Planet
Operating at 90.3 in Minneapolis and 106.7 in St. Paul, KFAI-FM is a non-profit, volunteer based community radio station that has been broadcasting since 1978. The station produces programming in 12 different languages—a mix of music, discussion, and political and cultural news. On any given day or night, listeners can tune in to such eclectic shows as Khmers in Minnesota, African Rhythms, and Scandinavian Cultural Hour. I spoke with KFAI’s executive director, Janis Lane-Ewart.

Legislative auditor won’t investigate Attorney General Swanson
by Paul Demko, Minnesota Monitor
The Office of the Legislative Auditor has determined that there are no grounds to further investigate the conduct of Attorney General Lori Swanson. In a report released today, the office stated that any possible wrongdoing fell outside the purview of the auditor’s investigative powers.


Alliance wants more U-area homeowners
by Anna Ewart, Minnesota Daily
The community hopes home-ownership will make the neighborhood a better place to live.

Sustainability saves money, energy on Minnesota campuses
by Erin Boeke Burke, Minnesota 2020
Minnesota’s colleges and universities are proving that reducing energy waste and consumption is saving money. As a result, the hot new job on campus is sustainability manager.

4,000 foreclosures in Minneapolis—what is being done to help people?
by Dennis Geisinger, Southside Pride
Ward 2 Council Member Gary Schiff says the foreclosure crisis causes “damage to our city [that] is far greater than the crack epidemic.”


America’s leaders have failed us on a realistic energy goal
by Myles Spicer, TC Daily Planet
The failure to provide our nation (indeed, the world) with an effective, realistic and timely new energy policy, might well go down in history as one of the greatest failures of modern civilization. If you think this is hyperbole, and you think oil at $130/barrel is outrageous…imagine what the last barrel on earth will cost. A vision out of sight and time? Well, likely only a few generations away. And, if I hear one more politician rant how “important it is to start weaning ourselves from fossil fuels”, I will totally flip out – because while leaders of both parties cleverly “talk the talk” – they have failed us. That’s the bottom line, pure and simple.


Smackdown: Ventura set to run
by Rich Broderick, Ground Zero
As if the U.S. Senate race in Minnesota weren’t murky enough, sources close to former Governor Jesse Ventura confirm that he is all but certain to throw his hat into the ring in the not-too-distant future.