Headlines 6/18/08: Solstice Film Festival, Hispanic Community Health Forum, Stone Arch photo cubes



Solstice Film Festival: The comedy! The horror! The birdwatching!
by Jim Brunzell III, TC Daily Planet
The Third Annual Solstice Film Festival starts June 19th and runs through June 21st at Galtier Plaza in downtown St. Paul. Executive Director Devin Halder has found over 25 feature films ranging from fiction to documentary, as well as a dozen short films—most of them Minnesota premieres. Here is a preview of a few of the most notable (though not necessarily the best) films in the festival.

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) hosted Hispanic Community Health Care Forum
by Jimmy Stroud, La Prensa
On June 2, 2008, Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) hosted a Hispanic Health Care Forum at the Allina Commons, Midtown Exchange in Minneapolis. Ellison’s special guest for the evening was Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis (D-CA). Solis is the Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Task Force on Health and Environment and works on the Subcommittee on Health along with Congressman Ellison.

Red Bull photo cubes coming to Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis
by Chris Steller, Minnesota Independent
The phrase “Red Bull cube” probably doesn’t suggest anything to you now, unless it’s a jittery co-worker’s desk area or a possibly brilliant twist on the traditional boullion cube. But give it a month. On July 10, Red Bull will install 25 huge black cubes on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. For the next 10 days, two faces of each giant cube will show backlit photographs of extreme sports: motocross, heli-skiing, spelunking and the like—not what people out for a moonlight stroll across the Stone Arch Bridge will be expecting.

Two philosophers throw journalism a lifeline
by Doug McGill, TC Daily Planet
I spent a little time recently trying to dream up a name for this new weekly column. I tried to distill in my mind the most essential and useful work that journalism offers society in a single phrase, and I ended up with talking with strangers.


Bridge program proffered
by Session Daily staff
The Department of Transportation plans to repair or replace 120 trunk highway bridges in the next decade.

The student credit squeeze percolates up
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
The nation’s biggest banks are putting the squeeze on students at small colleges. This policy may cut off higher education access to students who need it most.

Back in the fray: Wellstone adviser on running the Obama campaign in Minnesota
by Paul Demko, Minnesota Independent
Six years have passed since Jeff Blodgett helmed a political campaign. That 2002 effort notoriously ended with the death of his mentor and close friend Paul Wellstone, followed by the electoral defeat of stand-in candidate Walter Mondale.


The courage of our collections
by Jay Gabler, ARP!
As I child, I kept everything. Every toy, every birthday card, every outgrown t-shirt, every brochure from every tourist attraction my family ever visited. I’d keep things in desk drawers or under my bed until they were full to bursting, then I’d load the contents into cardboard boxes to be stacked in the attic. And it’s all still up there.


The good, the bad and the ugly: Why it all counts for schools
by Lynnell Mickelsen
Whenever I get into these public discussions over the many real problems in the Minneapolis public school, i.e. graduation rates, the achievement gap, the endless funding crises.……I often feel compelled to add that our three sons, ages 15, 18 and 20, have been in the city’s public schools since kindergarten; two out of three have now graduated. Sure, the class sizes are too large and yes, we’re always doing things on a shoe-string budget. But our sons have received an excellent education in a far more diverse setting than any private school offers. And being part of the community schools for the last 15 years has allowed me to connect with my neighbors like nothing else.