Headlines 6/15/08: Arts awards, getting tased, pastor violates tax law



Bush Foundation Awards to help sustain, enliven Twin Cities arts community
by Anne Nicolai, TC Daily Planet
People who make art don’t get salaries. Very few people, relatively speaking, buy much art. Yet as a community, we want painters to keep on painting, writers to keep on writing, dancers to keep on dancing, film makers to keep on making films, and sculptors to keep on forming objects out of clay and wood and metal. Thankfully, for 32 years, the Bush Foundation has been selecting up to 15 artists annually from Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota to receive a chunk of money that enables them to continue their work.

Getting tased
by Molly Priesmeyer, Minnesota Independent
How Taser International expects to make millions from fear mongering, slick marketing and the Republican National Convention …

Minnesota pastor violated tax law, watchdog group says
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Independent
A northern Minnesota church is under fire for a sermon that told Christians that they cannot vote for Sens. Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Pastor Gus Booth of Warroad Community Church gave the sermon and later acknowledged that he knew he was violating Internal Revenue Service rules. He is also a Republican party activist. Warroad is on Lake of the Woods near the Minnesota-Canada border.

Economic reports and the economy: that sinking feeling is real
by Lee Egerstrom, Minnesota 2020
One government report this past week showed a minor upward burp in the Minnesota economy while most indices and statistical studies reveal state and national economies growing ever weaker.


Theater note: Dinos do downtown
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
Is the highly caffeinated Bill Nye the Science Guy really about science? Sure, and so is that Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum, and so is squeezing all the toothpaste out of the tube to see how much is in there, and so is Walking With Dinosaurs: The Live Experience.

The season is the reason to roll along the river
by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
There’s been much ado as of late about bicycling in Minneapolis, and for good reason. Commuters especially welcomed the official dedication on May 18 of the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge over Hiawatha Avenue and the May 16 opening of the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center (just west down the Midtown Greenway, near Chicago Avenue), both celebrated during Bike/Walk Week in mid-May. Coming soon are the first of many new bike paths and lanes funded through the Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Project — one connecting Bridge #9 to the new Gophers’ stadium and another connecting the existing Hiawatha LRT trail with Downtown.

Readers, Writers, and Books

The political is personal
by Michele St. Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press
Some people become artists because that is where their talent lies. Others do it because they have something to say. There are those who can’t quite put the reason into words. And then there’s Juliana Hu Pegues.

A room of one’s own
by Wendy Brown-Baez, Minnesota Women’s Press
At this moment, I sit typing with a 2-year-old on my lap. He is humming and wiggling. I am his grandmother and the tug is constant: give him my attention or give my writing my attention. I try to find a balance: I read to him, take him on errands, prepare meals and clean up together. He loves to play in bubbles while I do the dishes, and he sweeps the floor energetically with his broom. Of course I have to re-do everything, but I don’t mind. I appreciate the fact that we are doing it together.


Why do we settle for less?
by Kathy Magnuson, Minnesota Women’s Press
Usually in this column you see ways to take action like how to recycle plastic bags and a list of peace vigils. In this issue of the Women’s Press, I’m asking some simple but tough questions and asking us all to do some reflecting.


Do you have a show in the Fringe this year?
by Matthew A. Everett
The short answer – Yes. The slightly longer answer – Not a month ago.