Headlines 5/23/08: Bean Scene downsizes, summer music preview



Bean Scene downsizes to survive
by Ariah Fine, TC Daily Planet
In many ways, it served as a second office for Calvin Littlejohn, a North Minneapolis resident and business owner. Not only did the Bean Scene on Penn and Broadway provide great coffee, it was a wonderful place for networking as well.

Summer music preview: From Gypsy punks to Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
This is shaping up to be an exceptional summer for live music in the Twin Cities. Here are some of the shows I’m most looking forward to over the next few months.


Down Lo jam into the stratosphere
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
Down Lo have carved out a serious name for themselves on the Twin Cities scene—and, for that matter, throughout the Midwest—playing raise-hell-‘til-the-cows-come-home blues-rock. Indeed, it would not be out the way to think of this band as godchildren of the Grateful Dead.

“Where are you from?”
by Ted Meinhover, Asian American Press
For the past six months, Juliana Hu Pegues has been working over time. Besides taking on the second semester of her PhD program in American Studies at the University of Minnesota, she has also brought together two years of work, recruiting brilliant talent and marrying her academic and artistic passions to produce her play, “Q and A.” The play opens next week, at the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis, and will run through June 8th.

Phillips teens bring “Weeping Woman” to local film festival
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
South Minneapolis residents can point with satisfaction to Phillips Community Television, where fledgling teenage filmmakers have combined their talents to contribute La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) to the .edu Film Festival 2008.


Be dubious about drug companies that hire celebrities to promote “discounts”
by Joel Albers, Southside Pride
The ‘Help is Here Express’ bus tour featuring celebrity talk show host Montel Williams visited Sabathani Community Center Wednesday, April 30, to allegedly help uninsured, low-income Minnesotans access information on hundreds of Prescription Assistance Programs (PAPs), mostly sponsored by drug companies, that provide discount prescription medicines. The bus tour is part of the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA, www.pparx.org), a nationwide effort sponsored by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association, the corporate drug industry’s primary trade group, raising awareness of patient assistance programs.


Eye Contact: Errol Morris on Abu Ghraib and the Interrotron
by Paul Schmelzer, Eyeteeth
Watching Errol Morris’ new documentary, “Standard Operating Procedure,” I was reminded of a Jean Baudrillard quote I’d jotted in a notebook years ago: “Perhaps our eyes are merely a blank film which is taken from us after our deaths to be developed elsewhere and screened as our life story in some infernal cinema or despatched as microfilm into the sidereal void.”


Worst Political Ads in America Awards preview
by Mike McIntee, The Uptake
Tonight (May 21) Growth & Justice, an economic think tank, will hand out the awards for the worst political advertising in America. We’ll bring you the winners of the non-partisan lampooning after they’re announced. The UpTake’s Mike McIntee gets a preview of some of the videos that are in the running from Growth & Justice President Dane Smith. (View in multi-media box in column 3.)

May First, a different kind of march
by Marco Fernández Landoni, La Prensa de Minnesota
It was a few minutes before 2:00PM and a big group of people was setting up the last details to celebrate May First with a demonstration in favor of undocumented workers and workers’ rights. Hundreds of people gathered at the corner of Robert Street and Kellogg Boulevard in St. Paul, and followed the rhythm of the music that one could hear from the distance. At 2:15 PM, the organizers began the program with a series of short speeches that explained the reason why they were marching. The crowd looked excited and, from the outside, it looked so diverse and different that the question “Why are they marching today, May First, 2008?” became necessary. The answers to that question were as diverse as the crowd itself that was ready to start a 45 minute march to the State Capitol.