Headlines 5/18/08: Local history, wrapping skyways, Korean American leadership



Placeography: New technology, old stories
by Mary Schoen, TC Daily Planet
Just in time for the Minnesota sesquicentennial, the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) has developed an interactive, educational tool: Placeography.org. The interactive Web site allows anyone to post photos and stories or information about any place. Placeography.org gives ordinary characters, buildings and events a place in the sun of Minnesota history.

For the Republican convention, St. Paul considers wrapping its (typically empty) skyways in ads
by Chris Steller, Minnesota Monitor
St. Paul is contemplating plastering ads on the sides of its skyways during the Republican National Convention, the PiPress reports. The purpose: to raise funds for kiosks that would help orient RNC visitors to the city’s skyway system. It does seem better orientation could benefit St. Paul — whose streets, former Gov. Jesse Ventura once told a national TV audience, were laid out by drunken Irishmen. For instance, the Web site downtownstpaul.com offers up a skyway map with a come-on that John McCain might take offense at (“Get Your Bearings!”) and it turns out to be a bad link.

“Labor of Love” recognized for leadership in Korean American community
by Ted Meinhover, Asian Pages
Minnesota has the highest proportion of Korean Americans in the country, say Martha and Stephen Vickery, co-founders of the Korean Quarterly, yet that community mostly “flies under the radar.” When the couple, along with a small group from their Presbyterian Church, founded the publication over ten years ago, they were recognizing the hunger of the Korean American community to find a bridge between their Korean heritage and their lives in America. A large proportion of that community is Korean born adoptees.


Readers, Writers and Books

So, you wrote a book—now what?
by David Unowsky, mnartists.org
Veteran bookseller and publisher David Unowsky offers no-nonsense advice on how to place your book on store shelves (and ensure that it doesn’t just sit there).

Meeting Will Weaver: Racecars and reading
by Cyrus Wolff, TC Daily Planet
Will Weaver is promoting his newest young adult novel by a racecar tour.

Local activist’s new book pulls no punches
by Jimmy Stroud, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Ron Edwards’ new book, A Seat For Everyone, is his version of a freedom guide that explores a vision for America. Published by Beacon on the Hill Press in early 2008, this paperback is a continuation of his first book from the same publisher in 2002, entitled The Minneapolis Story Through My Eyes.


Vote yes, then push hard to repair school funding
by Kerry Ashmore, The Northeaster
Those who follow Northeaster editorials closely will probably think this one is a “no brainer” (an ironic choice of words, given the subject matter). Yes, we support the St. Anthony school district’s levy referendum and urge residents to vote “yes” on May 20. We don’t claim that it’s faultless, and we can’t say with certainty that it will solve the district’s financial problems.


Muslim Group supports student’s right to use service dog
by Marcia Lynx Qualey and Asma L. Saroya, Engage Minnesota
A civil rights group is working again to debunk the myth that Muslims and dogs can’t get along.