Headlines 4/23/08: St. Paul Art Crawl, student debt, newspaper discrimination, mortgage crisis protest



St. Paul Art Crawl: The “teen years”
by Betsy Mowry, TC Daily Planet
It may not be as large as Art-a-Whirl or provide the scenic drives that rural art crawls offer, but the St. Paul Art Crawl is undeniably a destination event featuring amazing work by some of the most talented artists in Minnesota.

Students going further in the red: MN student debt 5th highest in nation
by Kelly Gulbrandson, Minnesota Daily
With tuition on the rise and many student loan options available, it can be easy for a student to get confused.

Rochester paper reverses discriminatory policy
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
The Rochester Post-Bulletin has reversed a policy that required gay and lesbian couples to purchase an ad to announce a marriage or commitment ceremony — a service offered for free to couples who have the legal option to marry.

Homeowners take mortgage crisis to the grounds of the governor’s mansion
staff, Workday Minnesota
In response to Governor Tim Pawlenty’s threats to veto the Minnesota Subprime Foreclosure Deferment Act, families facing foreclosure brought the crisis to the governor’s mansion on Summit Ave in Saint Paul.


Film note: If the zebras get it, why don’t we?
by Stephen Sporer, TC Daily Planet
The Planet, one of the documentaries offered in this year’s Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, takes the topic of global warming and gives it an urban feel by focusing on densely-populated areas. By examining how these communities are affecting our globe, the documentary puts us at center stage and forces us to examine how our greediness has had lasting negative effects on our planet.

Sharing ideas for English language learning
by Jennifer Haut, TC Daily Planet
Imagine a conference where learners and teachers come together. Identities are only revealed if participants choose. All sessions are geared towards everyone. Though idyllic, this conference is not imaginary; it is the Minnesota Literacy Council’s annual Sharing the Power Conference.

Kenn Wanaku: Pan-African musician
by Nneka Onyilofor, African News Journal
If you ask Kenn Wanaku about his relationship with music, he’d tell you that, “music becomes a part of your waking up and your going to sleep…I feel that music is a very spiritual thing…it is very important.” A strong believer that music is the predecessor of all things, Wanaku’s thoughts are just as innovative as his name (he added an extra “n” to Ken to distinguish himself from so many others). From English speaking Cameroon, Wanaku has exercised pan-Africanism as he has also lived and worked in Nigeria from 1978-83.

Never thriving, always helpful
by Roxanne Bergeron, The Bridge
Camaraderie. Innovation. Meditation. These reasons and more draw the jugglers of the Minnesota Neverthriving to the Seward neighborhood on Monday nights to hone their craft and share their passion.


Shopping mall parking ramp to get public money?
by Sen. John Marty, Apple Pie Alliance
Using public money to build a parking ramp for the Mall of America is wrong.


High costs of higher education
by Justine Biggott, Cabbages and Kings
Even more college students today are living off of vending machines and microwave ramen noodles.