Headlines 4/21/08: PeaceJammers, Northsiders, and “No Child” left behind



Archbishop Desmond Tutu applauds PeaceJammers
by Deb Pleasants, TC Daily Planet
“Aren’t they just fantastic?”

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu may have been this weekend’s headliner; however, the real stars were the 350 teens, mentors and advisors attending the April 12-13 PeaceJam conference—the PeaceJammers.

U of M and Northsiders negotiate terms of ‘partnership’
by Anna Pratt, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Community stakeholders in North Minneapolis are generating a wish list for what they hope will come out of the University Northside Partnership (UNP), a redevelopment plan for the intersection of Penn and Plymouth Avenues North. Those needs and wants will eventually work their way into what’s referred to as a “Community Benefits Agreement” (CBA).

Will Minnesota leave ‘No Child’ behind?
By Thomas Hammell, Session Weekly
If you ask 10 Minnesota legislators what they think of the federal No Child Left Behind Act, you will get 10 different answers.


Film note: Overwhelming Noise
by Stephen Sporer, TC Daily Planet
I recall one day when I was walking down the street in Midtown Manhattan. Construction workers above me, a tow truck down the block, a car alarm, a dump truck…it all happened at once, and I had to stop dead in my track to breathe, calm down, and collect my thoughts. The noise was that overwhelming. Had I seen Henry Bean’s compelling film prior to that moment, I just might have had the guts to do something more about it.

A roll of the dice
by Craig Green, Session Weekly
Carl Wolk started a business in Minneapolis 44 years ago, eventually expanding from one store to 16. In 2005, he was approached by other businessmen who offered to buy out a majority of Wolk’s business with the understanding that he would receive a payout over five years.

Melvin Carter’s first 100 days
by Paul Edward Hamilton, Insight News
If they gave out awards for being an excellent role model and quite frankly, just a very nice young man, Melvin Carter, III, who represents Ward 1 on the St. Paul City Council, would win hands down. Carter shared with Insight his take on everything from why he became interested in politics, to the campaign trail, to his first 100 days in office and the kind of issues he addresses as a member of the St. Paul City Council.

U of M Morris practices green energy
by Kim Melchert, Minnesota Daily
Even on the dawn of the annual “Beautiful U Day” and its celebration of campus-wide environmental sustainability, the University’s Twin Cities campus isn’t the only one seeing in a shade of green these days.


The Dark Side of “Tax Freedom Day”
by Jeff Van Wychen, Minnesota 2020
It’s April 15, tax filing deadline day. With the certainty that the sun will rise, right wing tax and public policy voices will bemoan doing their part to help pay for public goods like roads, schools, and police.


Choosing a political home: Young Republican
by Igor Luzhansky, Three Sixty
For most of my life I was never very interested in politics, and neither were most of my friends. I was much more interested in ancient history, origami, and biology. But during my junior year in high school, I realized that I would be old enough to vote in the 2008 election, and I started to think about the issues and my vote.

Getting active — glamour and grunt work: Young Democrat
by Matthew Smith, Three Sixty
Since my junior year, I’ve always been a part of my school’s Young Democrats. Coming from a working class family in St. Paul, I’ve always been told to support the little guy and that the Democratic Party did this. Going to meetings was the extent of my political involvement.

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