Headlines 4/19/08: Satrapi at Century, Hungry for help, African microgrants



Persepolis author Marjane Satrapi speaks at Century College
by Jason Ericson, TC Daily Planet
“The Evil one day is Communists, one day it’s Khomeini, one day it’s Saddam,” Marjane Satrapi told an audience of over 800 people at Century College in White Bear Lake last Thursday night. “In 1984, Iran was The Evil. Now we are just part of the Axis of the Evil,” she quipped, “so the situation is very much improving for us.”

Hungry for help
by Patty Ostberg, Session Weekly
Michelle Reagan is more often hearing a familiar refrain from her clients: “I’ve been giving to all of your drives for years and I never thought I’d have to be here.”

MicroGrants partners with the African Chamber of Commerce for its grant giving initiative
by Ndze Ntuv Evaristus Tunka, African News Journal
Minneapolis- MicroGrants, a non-profit organization that awards weekly grants to small businesses and entrepreneurs held an information session at the conference room of 1st Cup Cafe in South Minneapolis with immigrant small business owners to educate them on business strategies and some other funding methods to improve and expand their businesses.


Readers, Writers and Books

Book note: Crossing Hoffa in Minnesota
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
In Crossing Hoffa: A Teamster’s Story, Steven J. Harper looks at Jimmy Hoffa from an interesting vantage point: his father, it happens, was a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters who crossed swords with power freak Jimmy Hoffa.

Triple-threat literary agent brokers book deals from Minnesota
by Jimmy Stroud, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Connor-Lynch believes location matters less than reputation, relationships

Swallow the Ocean
by Stephanie Wilkes, Minnesota Women’s Press
Minnesotan-by-way-of San Francisco writer Laura Flynn spoke to the Minnesota Women’s Press about her recently published memoir, Swallow the Ocean. The book is the story of Flynn and her two sisters as their growth into adolescence parallels their mother’s descent into schizophrenia.


Free speech
by Michele St. Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press
I like the Constitution. No, make that love. It gives me warm fuzzies to know that our rights are guaranteed. I’m especially enamored of the amendment that guarantees all Americans the right to freedom of expression.


Dumb, fun questions and family reading
by Joe Nathan, School Talk
How do you make oil boil? (Add a b) What is the best thing to wear to a tea party? (A tea shirt) How many worms can you put in an empty can? (One. After that it is not empty). How do you make seven even? (Take away the “s”. What has four eyes but cannot see? (Mississippi)
If you are now groaning, I apologize.