Headlines 4/11/08: Urban gardens, phony “grassroots” group, Minnesota Nice



Urban gardens grow
by Margaret Reinhardt, TC Daily Planet
St. Paul renter Joe Poepping remembers his parents’ backyard garden in Pierz, Minnesota. It was nearly 40 foot long with straight rows of vegetables, lovingly tended with help from his grandpa, who lived next door. After Joe left home for college, he didn’t think much about gardening. But last year Joe signed up for a 4 foot by 8 foot plot in the Dunning Community Garden, near Lexington and Concord, where he grew cucumbers, snow peas, pole beans, radishes, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and a baby lettuce mix. Joe has plans for a garden plot again this year–as do other urban residents who have no land to grow their own vegetables and flowers.

Phony ‘grassroots’ telecom industry group pushes back against cell phone reforms
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
The telecommunications industry is working hard to kill a cell phone reform bill at the Minnesota legislature that would guarantee customers accurate information about billing and service area coverage. And it’s using an industry front organization masquerading as a grassroots citizens’ group to do the deed.

Minnesota Nice
by Voices United Forum, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder and La Prensa de Minnesota
Minnesotans, perhaps typically of most Northerners, like to believe that racism still only happens south of the Mason-Dixon line—which makes us hard-pressed to explain events that occur with alarming frequency in St. Cloud.

Old electronics piling up? Be green and recycle this weekend
by Chris Shields, Minnesota 2020
This weekend, Waste Management has multiple sites across the Twin Cities area to accept items for electronic recycling.


Music note: Tapes ‘n Tapes rock it off
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
In their first local show since the Tuesday release of their second album Walk It Off, Minneapolis indie rock favorites Tapes ‘n Tapes rolled out new material and old in an exuberant Thursday night set at First Avenue.

State underinvestment hits Rochester’s vulnerable families
by Sally Kane, Minnesota 2020
The Governor’s Human Services budget includes general fund cuts of more than $88 million for the rest of FY2008 and $435 million the following year. Those cuts come on top of years of underinvestment in out state. With the effects of that underinvestment rapidly starting to trickle down to communities throughout Minnesota, the harmful consequences are becoming clearer.

Oh the noise noise noise noise
by Dave Healy, Park Bugle
Noise is in the ear of the listener.

Around and around the Hmong girl goes!
by Wameng Moua, Hmong Today
There’s no doubt about it, Roller Derby is an action packed sport filled with lots of physical contact and yes, it is a real sport.


John McCain: Warmonger?
by Tom Heuerman, PhD
Ed Schultz, Fargo’s liberal talk radio host, ignited a political brushfire when he called John McCain a “warmonger” during a passionate warm-up of hundreds of Barack Obama’s enthused supporters at a fundraiser prior to the political rock star’s speech at the North Dakota Democratic Convention in Grand Forks, ND (April 6).

Black, white, or woman president?
By Noah Vang
Xao Yang, 75, of Oakdale, Minn., isn’t voting for presidential aspirants Sens. Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.