Headline: Women connecting with women


SUNDAY, March 23


Women connecting with women
by Lisa Peterson-de la Cueva, TC Daily Planet
The League of Women Voters shared an aisle with the Liberian Women’s Initiative, displaying photos and literature on folding tables and portable bulletin boards in Coffman Union on March 15. The booths were as varied as the workshops and speakers at the 13th Annual International Women’s Day Celebration at the University of Minnesota. Women of all ages exchanged business cards and picked up pamphlets about local organizations whose work affects women.

Poll shatters transportation myths
by Conrad deFiebre, Minnesota 2020
Several myths about public attitudes toward transportation have been shattered by results of a new Minnesota 2020 poll of adult state residents. The telephone survey of 800 respondents was conducted by the Feldman Group Inc. Feb. 4-10, two weeks before the Minnesota Legislature enacted a major transportation finance package over Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s veto.

Domestic partner bill passes House, Senate committees
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
A bill to allow municipal employers in Minnesota to define who can be a dependent under employment benefit rules passed key committees in the House and Senate last week and is headed to the floor of both chambers. Republicans and social conservative groups are attempting to block the bill, however, because it would give cities the ability to offer benefits to gay and lesbian couples.


Not just any Wednesday
by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
Hundreds of anti-war protesters — and three supporters of the war — gather to mark five years in Iraq

Readers, Writers and Books

Book note: Billie Standish Was Here
By Molly Salzberger, TC Daily Planet Sometimes young adult novels hide a traumatic, life-altering event as a deep, dark mystery in the main character’s past. Sometimes the event occurs after half a novel’s worth of foreshadowing. In Billie Standish Was Here, the trauma comes near the beginning of the novel, when 11-year-old Billie is raped.

Maya Angelou lets her light shine for youth
by Vickie Evans-Nash, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Longtime literary star spoke in Minneapolis last week on passing love of reading on to children.


The roundup begins: the targeting of the Hispanic community
by Ron Edwards, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
It became clear at City Hall on March 5, at the Public Safety Committee meeting, that the term “human trafficking” is the new code term for rounding up Latinos and Hispanics for deportation. This will be the work of the Homeland Security agency ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), aided by the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). This reverses a long-stated policy that the MPD would not be involved in the enforcement of immigration laws.


Basimah Hasan: Changing Images Every Friday at 4
by Marcia Lynx Qualey, Engage Minnesota
But, if there’s not enough activity, Hasan is not one to sit back and wait for someone else to start it up. The nurse, talk-show host, screenwriter, community activist, and producer is stirring up all sorts of action.