Headline: Washington Avenue Bridge not ready for light rail


TUESDAY, March 4


Washington Avenue Bridge not ready for light rail
by Liz Riggs, TC Daily Planet
Following the Met Council’s February 27 approval of a $909 million Central Corridor light rail plan, it now appears likely that the route will have to rely on the Washington Avenue Bridge as its means for crossing the Mississippi River. To bear the additional load of light rail, however, the bridge will require structural modification—at a considerable cost of time and money.

MGM angers Como Park neighbors
by Roger Bergerson, Park Bugle
Fences, observed the poet Robert Frost, are important to neighborly relations. That’s certainly proving true in the Como Park neighborhood.

Ellison: smearing Obama as Muslim ‘won’t work’
by Chris Steller, Minnesota Monitor
U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison — a Muslim who during his own campaign said, “I’m not running as a Muslim candidate” but met with religious smears all the same — told the BBC Saturday that attempts to paint Barack Obama, a Christian, as a Muslim candidate “won’t work.”


Mpls elder shares memories of Orangeburg Massacre
by Felicia Shultz, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
1968 shooting at SC protest sparked Rosa Bogar’s mission to educate youth about Civil Rights Movement

Making retailers recycle plastic bags
by Nick Busse, Session Weekly
A bill would require grocers and other retailers who provide customers with plastic carryout bags to make in-store bag recycling available.

Big river, little artists
by Karlee Weinmann, The Bridge
For Kathy Swenson, the Mississippi River is more than a scenic body of water dividing the Twin Cities. As a park ranger with the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MNRRA) — a 72-mile stretch of river that includes Minneapolis and St. Paul — the river represents the area’s vitality.

City resuscitates neighborhood revitalization
by Dennis Geisinger, Southside Pride
NPR funds are set to pay for a facelift for the 50th Street LRT station area.


Making a bold promise on health care, and keeping it
by State Senator John Marty, Workday Minnesota
The health care crisis is getting worse. Minnesota’s record is better than most states, but out of 5 million Minnesotans, about 400,000 do not have any health insurance, and over a million more are people with insurance who still cannot afford to pay their medical bills due to co-payments, deductibles, and treatment not covered by their insurance.