Headline: St. Pal dog owners straining at the leash


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St. Paul dog owners straining at the leash
by Betsy Mowry, TC Daily Planet
In the city of St. Paul, there are an estimate 40,000 households with dogs, surpassing the 31,000 households with children. Yet the city of St. Paul has only one official dog park—at the intersection of Arlington Avenue and Arkwright Street in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood. Since its opening in 2000, Arlington/Arkwright park usage has dramatically increased, and it’s estimated that over 1,000 dog owners use the park each week.

Governor balances budget ‘on the backs of struggling families,’ coalition says
by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
Governor Tim Pawlenty’s proposed state budget will push more families into poverty and fails to address Minnesota’s long-term economic issues, a new coalition said Tuesday.
The Invest in Minnesota Campaign, supported by labor, faith and nonprofit organizations, called on lawmakers to increase revenue to maintain critical services.

Infrastructure spending could boost jobs
by Leeann Schultz, Session Weekly
With dismal job numbers, a recession at the state’s doorstep and a nearly $1 billion deficit projected for the biennium, this year’s House capital investment bill is all about maximizing jobs, federal dollars and other matches.

Campaign Notebook: Ciresi leaves Senate race; what next?
by Joe Bodell, Minnesota Monitor
Following attorney Mike Ciresi’s departure on Monday from the U.S. Senate race, what happens now?


Prospect Park hears a ‘who cooks for you?’
Staff, The Bridge
Owl hoots have echoed recently in Prospect Park near the Witch’s Hat Tower, and sightings of the owl, an eagle and other birds have turned neighborhood walks into bird-watching outings, and the neighborhood’s email list-serve into a birder’s forum.

RNC protesters appeal permit process
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War, the umbrella group for more than 50,000 protesters expected to march on the Republican National Convention in September appealed a conditional permit granted them for the march, an appeal that was quickly denied on Friday.

Judge Pamela Alexander’s 25-year journey
by Adrianne Hamilton-Butler, Insight News
February 25 was just another day at Hennepin County Juvenile Court, but behind the door of Judge Pamela Alexander’s chambers, it was a day of reflection and celebration. Twenty-five years ago, the late Gov. Rudy Perpich appointed Alexander Hennepin County Municipal Court judge. This landmark appointment made Alexander the first African American female and the youngest appointed Hennepin County judge.


Goodbye, Oak Street Cinema
Staff, Minnesota Daily
It seems that the independents are gone or will soon be bought up.


The contradictions of neo-liberal capitalism
by Rich Broderick, Ground Zero
Asked recently whether the war in Iraq might be playing some role in the faltering economy, President Bush said, No. In fact, he explained, the war [sic: actually an occupation] is good for the economy because the massive federal expenditures needed to keep it going help stimulate economic growth. The real problem, the President continued with his usual display of smug callousness, is that we have an “over-abundance” of houses.