Headline: Spittin’ truth in North Minneapolis


TUESDAY, March 11


Spittin’ truth in North Minneapolis
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
“Don’t ever apologize for your stuff! Be proud of it.” From the back of the room, Tish Jones was rebuking a young man who had just concluded a spoken word performance with a sheepish apology for the “depressing” nature of his piece. “You gotta be happy with yourself right here,” continued Jones, stepping up to the mic. “Really, who else matters?”

Low Income Fellows Program—A strategy to end poverty
by Mary Thoemke, TC Daily Planet
In the 44 years since President Lyndon B. Johnson declared the War on Poverty, efforts to eliminate the vicious cycle of poverty have revolved around delivering services and commodities to the poor. Now a new way of thinking is emerging, one that focuses on creating community action against poverty by building coalitions that are needed to bring about change, to empower the poor, and to teach them to advocate for themselves so their voices are heard.

Small cities experience urban sprawl; quality of life requires accommodation
by Lee Egerstrom, Minnesota 2020
The city of Kerkhoven purchased a new ambulance a couple of years back. So far, two of the townships served by the ambulance and community rescue squad have stepped forward to help pay for the life-saving equipment.


Primary care — your life depends on it
by Patty Ostberg, Session Weekly
Studies in the United States show that a 20 percent increase in the number of primary care doctors results in a 5 percent decrease in mortality and overall health care costs. Juxtapose the steadily declining number of medical students choosing primary care over specialty practices and physicians across the state are saying we have a crisis on our hands.

Vocal Forum concert tackles racism
by Michelle Christianson, Park Bugle
When members of the Saint Paul Vocal Forum were getting ready to perform “Immigration: A Choral Forum on the Movement of People” last year, a discussion developed within the group about the underlying current of racism that runs through any mention of this inflammatory subject.

Meta-filter: 3M filter eliminates 3M chemical from drinking water
by Tom Elko, Minnesota Monitor
Following a Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) community meeting Tuesday night to discuss 3M’s PFBAs in east-metro municipal drinking water systems, Jon Avice of the South Washington County Bulletin reported that there was “no plan to ask or require 3M to foot the bill for point-of-use water filters,” because of the Department of Health’s new exposure limits for PFBA, or perfluorobutanoic acid, one of a family of chemicals made by 3M in Cottage Grove until 1998.


How Tim Pawlenty’s tax cut helps you
by Jeff Fecke, Minnesota Monitor
Gov. Tim Pawlenty has floated the idea of a 1/8 percent sales tax reduction as part of his budget-balancing proposal. It may seem counter-intuitive to cut taxes in order to balance a budget, but Pawlenty was adamant that our fragile economy needed the kind of stimulus that could only be created by putting money back into people’s pocketbooks. Given that Pawlenty only has your financial well-being in mind, and not, say, demagoguing the DFLers when they propose paying for the things our state uses with taxes, I thought I’d take a look at how the Pawlenty tax cut will affect you, the taxpayer.


Headed home
by Virginia Wright-Peterson, On Deployment Now
Shortly after five every morning when it is still dark, I hear automatic weapons rattle across the base from a firing range somewhere. I am amazed at how accustomed I’ve become to hearing that tat-tat-tat as I sit in bed reading, waiting to feel drowsy enough to sleep after my shift.