Headline: Rule change will strand residents in nursing homes


MONDAY, March 31

Rule change will strand residents in nursing homes
by Scott Russell, TC Daily Planet
When a minor bladder infection landed Rachel Wilcox in a nursing home, it was almost her undoing.

Life in a city
by Jay Wilkinson, TC Daily Planet
I have to say, this is something that would never happen just any place. Existentialism, one and two degrees of separation – it would never happen in Woodbury! You might expect this at the café Les Deux Magots on the Left Bank in Paris or maybe at a coffee shop in NYC. But at a University Ave. buffet in St. Paul?

Broken or flawed?
by Thomas Hammell, Session Weekly
Because a referendum to renew an operating levy failed by just 160 votes, the St. Cloud Area School District has $4.5 million less to work with this year. The district plans to lay off teachers, bus fewer students and reduce the number of special education and health services and paraprofessional support.

1,000 teachers to lose jobs
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
At least 1,000 Minnesota teachers will be laid off by the end of this school year, a pair of polls found.


Education Minnesota draws a line in the sand
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
Schools are in desperate financial shape and need immediate help, Education Minnesota President Tom Dooher said March 19. He called on the state to appropriate more money for education.

Crossing the river: West Bank institutions
by Jon Collins, Minnesota Daily
The Cedar Riverside People’s Center on 20th Avenue squats in the shadow of the new addition to the Carlson School of Management, Hanson Hall, while a couple blocks down, Augsburg’s new 180,000-square-foot Gateway Center sits on 22nd Avenue. A few blocks from there, Fairview Hospital is planning to add a new children’s hospital next to Riverside Park.

Art as service
by Amy Doeun, Asian American Press
According to Dr. Gary Yia Lee art can be classified as primitive or aesthetic. In the case of Hmong and many other groups from South East Asia the art was classified as primitive, meaning that art was used to create functional objects used in everyday life. Whether the purpose was spiritual or as simple as preparing food the object was designed with a purpose in mind.

The lowdown on the fight against “tagging”
by Dennis Geisinger, Southside Pride
It’s been almost a year since the Minneapolis City Council took a swipe at the city’s graffiti problem, approving an amendment to city ordinances requiring that certain paint materials popular with the graffiti-inclined to be closely guarded or locked away by retailers.


Thug radio: Are Jason Lewis and KTLK now in the jihad business?
by Steve Perry, Minnesota Monitor
After a scheduled appearance by the pro-war veterans’ group Vets for Freedom at Forest Lake Area High School was canceled early this week, bloggers and talk radio denizens on the right reacted with outrage — much of it directed expressly at Stillwater blogger, activist, and military veteran Karl Bremer for his role in a letter-writing campaign that contributed to the cancellation of the event.


Courage and cooperation in Forest Lake?
by Joe Nathan, School Talk
Can cooperation join with courage in Forest Lake? Based on conversations with Steve Massey, Principal at Forest Lake High School and Pete Hegseth, Executive Director of Vets for Freedom, I think the answer could be “yes.” If so, Forest Lake High School, and other students around the state will get a huge gift.