Headline: Perpich High School for the Arts—A mecca for creative teens




Perpich High School for the Arts—A mecca for creative teens
by Scott Russell, TC Daily Planet
Breawnna “Bre” Blaesing and a team of her classmates are working on a documentary that will air on PBS. Blaesing and her classmates attend the Perpich Center for Arts Education High School in Golden Valley, which opened in 1989 as the state’s flagship school for arts education. “There are definitely a lot of opportunities here for a young artist,” said Blaesing.

Wisconsin GOP legislators look to hamstring Great Lakes Compact
by Tom Elko, Minnesota Monitor
[Low water levels at Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan. 11/02/07. GLERL, M. Quigley.] The Great Lakes Compact is an ambitious, if not improbable, proposition: Eight states set out to ratify a single governing agreement designed to ensure water quality and conservation of resources within the Great Lakes Basin, which comprises roughly 22 percent of the world’s fresh surface water.

High school students speak out for more opportunity
by staff, Workday Minnesota
Young people spoke out at the state Capitol Tuesday to support the Dream Act, legislation to increase the opportunity to get a college education.


Views and Reviews

Theater note: Jon Ferguson’s new production is indeed ‘Kind of Pretty’
by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
According to Condoleezza Rice, Jon Ferguson is an “artist of extraordinary ability.” Who am I to disagree? With their new production You’re My Favorite Kind of Pretty, writer/director Ferguson and his collaborators have created a bright and fanciful little world in the grotto-like Southern Theater.

Interview: Martha High, the Godfather’s soul sister
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
Martha High isn’t a household name in these parts, but we’ve been listening to her for years. Any time you put a James Brown album on the box or caught the Godfather of Soul on tour, Martha High was there, singing backup in the band.

Music note: Three-disc set benefits victims of 35W bridge collapse
by Mark Weaver, TC Daily Planet
The I-35W bridge disaster has drawn musicians from a wide variety of genres to contribute studio and live tracks to the three-disc compilation project entitled Musicians for Minneapolis: 57 Songs for the I-35W Bridge Disaster Relief Effort.

What can a non-musician learn from a master class in piano?
by Paul J. Bauer, TC Daily Planet
How could someone like me, who can’t play a note, benefit from attending a Master class for prodigies, conducted by a musician who studied under a piano teacher who was a classmate of Rachmaninov?


Dred Scott in Minnesota
by Susu Jeffrey, TC Daily Planet
In the Dred Scott decision, Minnesota played a part in the cultural battle against slavery in the United States. Like the war on terrorism and “just war” debates raging now, the great slave debate divided the nation, divided families, and was as much about finances as ethics.


The real reason Nader shouldn’t run

by James Clay Fuller, Rants and Ruminations

In the event that the Democrats turn what was a huge, almost natural, advantage this year into electoral defeat – a distinct possibility — Nader again supplies them with an excuse and a way to avoid facing up to their own incompetence and lack of solid moral or practical grounds for holding office.