Headline: A neighborhood pharmacist, fed up with the failures of the American health care system


MONDAY, March 10


A neighborhood pharmacist, fed up with the failures of the American health care system
by Jennifer Holder, TC Daily Planet
Tom Sengupta, a pharmacist in southeast Minneapolis, says that he has never denied a customer a drug if the need is legitimate. “If I’ve known someone for 30 years, I’m not going to deny him his drug because his insurance company will not authorize that drug.”

29th Avenue Southeast Central Corridor station
by Anna Pratt, The Bridge
Community stakeholders are weighing in on two options for the alignment of the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit (LRT) station planned to go into the neighborhood at 29th Avenue Southeast, near University Avenue.

House committee approves study of Iron Range miners’ deaths
by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
What caused 58 taconite miners to contract a rare form of cancer? On Wednesday, the state Legislature took the first step toward finding an answer for the miners, their families and Iron Range communities.


Minneapolis considers cap for towing fees in city
by Dan Haugen, Minnesota Monitor
Why in the world does it cost $280 to get your car out of the impound lot after it’s been towed for a parking violation? It’s a question Minneapolis city council members started probing yesterday afternoon, albeit without much success.

Behind the shelves at Speedy
by Max Stevenson, Park Bugle
Tim and Tom’s Speedy Market is a St. Anthony Park institution. Its location, between Highway 280 and the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota, ensures that the aisles are always bustling and the registers always ringing.

Mathematics teacher, Farheen Hakeem is single foster parent of a teenage girl
by Swellehe Msuya, African News Journal
The adoption process was quick and smooth, she asserts with a chuckle. “I conceived not for nine months but for only one week and became a mother of a thirteen year-old teenager.” The process to become a foster parent to Angel Face (not her real name) took only seven days! “As a mathematics teacher, I assist my foster teenage daughter in her home work. I want her to shine and I see in her a future marine biologist, photographer or violinist in the making. We are getting along just fine.”


One child’s flu death is one too many
by John Van Hecke, Minnesota 2020
Jasmine Levy’s February 24 flu death is a tragedy. We grieve her loss and extend her family our condolences. At a personal level, that’s all we can do. As a matter of Minnesota health care policy, there’s plenty of room for action.


Turning over “the land”
by Paul Schmelzer, Eyeteeth
On our last night in Chiang Mai, we gathered with artists and friends on the sixth floor of our guest house, a rooftop space not yet installed with windows or walls. With a dozen liters of Singha and a bucket of ice brought over from a friend’s bar, our after-hours party was powered by tinny music streaming from a Powerbook and a slideshow of images from “the land,” the sustainability project/art community some 30 km away near Sanpatong.