Headline: Loving it and leaving it: Phalen Lake hopes to reverse the trend


TUESDAY, February 12


Loving it and leaving it: Phalen Lake hopes to reverse the trend
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
Though families love Phalen Lake Elementary School, they have been leaving it. Why? “Every family that has left has been related to a change in housing,” Principal Catherine Rich says. “Parents call all the time, saying, ‘We had to move. Do you have transportation? Can we get transportation? We want to come back.’ Some families have left the attendance area – or even St. Paul – and drive their children back here.”

Legislature overrides governor’s veto, passes transportation bill
by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
On a 91-41 vote, the Minnesota House voted to override Governor Tim Pawlenty’s veto of a comprehensive transportation bill and sent the measure to the Senate, where it quickly passed 47-20.

Eyes on the bond market
by Lee Ann Schutz, Session Weekly
As members of the various House finance divisions scrambled this week to ready their capital bonding proposals, across the Capitol Mall, Department of Finance staffers were keeping a wary eye on the bond market.

ATK’s WMDs ignite protest over Canadian acquisition
by Tom Elko, Minnesota Monitor
Edina-based ATK, formerly Alliant Tech Systems, has been building its space systems operations for years in an effort to diversify its business as one of the nation’s largest munitions manufacturers. But its expansion efforts aren’t appreciated in Canada, where objections to ATK’s production of land mines, cluster bombs and depleted uranium artillery shells are sparking opposition to the company’s bid to acquire the information systems and geospatial businesses of Canadian firm MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) for $1.325 billion cash.


Local delegation takes human rights ‘Shadow Report’ to United Nations
by Charles Hallman, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
United States State Department officials this week will present a human rights report to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Two Human Rights Network representatives from the Twin Cities will also be present to offer a dissenting “Shadow Report.”‘

The sum of ‘9 Parts’
by Tracey Paska, Minnesota Women’s Press
Early in “9 Parts of Desire,” opening March 5 at the Guthrie Theater’s Dowling Studio, a character named Layal, an artist, explains her many self-portraits: “So it is not me alone/it is all of us/but I am the body that takes the experience.” Her words aptly describe this one-actor portrait, written and originally performed by Iraqi-American playwright Heather Raffo. Though the play bears the same name as the book by Geraldine Brooks, that’s about the only similarity. Brooks’ book, based on the six years she lived in the Middle East, includes sketches of Arabic women of a number of nationalities. In contrast, Raffo’s play gives one voice to nine women-eight Iraqi, one American woman-of varying ages and social conditions who express their fears, anguish and hope in the shadow of war.

Runner Greg Prom: At 77, lower miles but good knees, a sense of freedom
by Nancy Sartor, The Northeaster
Struggling with that New Year’s resolution to get fit? Stuck in a middle-aged, sedentary lifestyle? Need some inspiration? Then take a look at St. Anthony resident and marathoner Greg Prom. The septuagenarian began running when he was 45 and has never stopped.


Precinct caucuses are a fairy tale
by Liz Rolfsmeier, Minnesota Women’s Press
On Super Tuesday, as I cast my vote on a scrap of paper, a woman pushed by with a camera. “Coffee cans and shoeboxes,” she said, smirking at the ballot boxes. “I’m taking photos for my mom in Chicago. She won’t believe me.”


Maybe there is a limit
by Virginia Wright-Peterson, On Deployment Now
Iraq, 2/24/08 • As of today, my team members and I have worked 114 days consecutively with the exception of one team member who was SIQ (Sick in Quarters) a few days on doctor’s orders due to a respiratory infection. Otherwise, we have each come into the office everyday.