Headline: Central Corridor lays track toward federal funding




Central Corridor lays track toward federal funding
by Jeremy Stratton, TC Daily Planet
The Central Corridor light-rail transit (LRT) project took what Metropolitan Council Chair Peter Bell called “a quantum leap forward” February 27, when the Met Council voted nearly unanimously to approve a $909 million scope for the project — half of which must be paid for by a full-funding grant through the Federal Transportation Administration’s (FTA) “New Start” program.

Organizing in Attorney General’s office garners international attention
by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
Hundreds of e-mails from overseas are pouring into the Minnesota Attorney General’s office to support a staff organizing effort as an international worker rights website features the campaign.

Special Education budgets shortchanged
by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020
Once again, schools are forced to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make up the difference between special education revenue and actual costs.


Judicial selection changes proposed
by Brian Hogenson, Session Weekly
A bill to reform the judicial selection process passed its first legislative hurdle.

Black History Month a two-way street for Africans
by Issa A. Mansaray, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Many feel more understanding is needed before all U.S. Blacks can celebrate together

Making dreams come true often means having enough money
by Pauline Phillips, Southside Pride
Michelle Hedges was abandoned as an infant in China, and later adopted by her parents in Minnesota.

Congress votes Wednesday on Wellstone Mental Health bill
by David Wellstone and William C. Moyers, The Hill
For my father, the late Sen. Paul Wellstone (D), the long fight to improve the care of people with mental illness began when he witnessed the terrible conditions in psychiatric institutions where his own brother, my uncle, was hospitalized in the 1950s. These conditions, and the eventual catastrophic financial toll endured by my grandparents, inspired my father to do everything he could to make things right for those in similar circumstances.

Opinions on the Central Corridor
by Stephen Gross, Arvonne Fraser, Peter Bell
Stephen Gross: “Street-level light rail passing through Washington Avenue, however, is indeed affordable and feasible.” / Arvonne Fraser: Redesign the route – “As we learned from the bridge that fell down, it is better to do things right than rush and pretend that things are fine.” / Peter Bell: “[We] must not let the perfect be the enemy of the pretty darn good…”


The phone call
by Rich Broderick, Ground Zero
I was in bed Wednesday night about 6:30, a hot pack over my eyes, nursing a sinus headache, when the phone call came.