He lived in a hidden location, burning money all day


By Jeff Fecke, August 21, 2008 • Tell me once again, who’s the rich, elitist candidate?

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in an interview Wednesday that he was uncertain how many houses he and his wife, Cindy, own.

“I think — I’ll have my staff get to you,” McCain told Politico in Las Cruces, N.M. “It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.”

I mean, it’s easy to understand why he’s unsure; he’s got seven. Seven’s a large number. It’s six or seven more than most Americans have.

At any rate, the Obama campaign has helpfully run an ad that will help McCain remember next time he’s asked:

Of course, McCain responded by invoking his time in Vietnam, which must be hard, because we all know how hard it is for him to talk about it:

“This is a guy who lived in one house for five and a half years—in prison,” referring to the prisoner of war camp that McCain was in during the Vietnam War.

Look, this is the kind of stupid, pointless issue that shouldn’t matter more than, say, John McCain’s plans to run the third Bush administration. But given that this is what the media likes to talk about, it’s a godsend for Obama. After all, most of us don’t own seven houses, most of us don’t own two, a huge percentage of us don’t even own one.

Given that McCain has spent the last month talking about how Obama is totally out of the mainstream for going to Hawai’i (going to the state you were born to visit your grandma? Sheesh, don’t rub it in our faces, Barry!), this is exactly the kind of gaffe that he couldn’t make, because it wakes the media up to the fact that yes, John and Cindy McCain are a lot wealthier than Barack and Michelle Obama, and the idea that Barack is some kind of plutocrat while the son and grandson of admirals, the husband of an heiress, is just an average fella — well, it’s simply ludicrous. And that’s bad news for Jaundiced McNasty.