A guide to Minnesota’s 2008 Precinct Caucuses


If you plan to attend your Precinct Caucus for the first time, congratulations for committing a few hours to be a citizen active in the electoral process! All of Minnesota’s major political parties are required by state law to conduct precinct-level caucuses. Minnesota has an open process: All eligible voters may participate. You simply choose which party’s caucus to attend.

This year’s Minnesota Precinct Caucuses will be Tuesday, February 5, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Where does my Caucus meet? Your Precinct Caucus will meet in or near the precinct where you normally vote, typically in a school, community center, or house of worship.

To learn your Precinct Caucus location, you can contact your political party, your county, or the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office. The website of the Secretary of State —www.sos.state.mn.us — includes an easy to use caucus-finder: type in your zip code, then your address, then select your street and you’ll be directed to a page listing all the party caucuses in your precinct.

What happens at the Caucus? The caucuses begin at 7:00 p.m. Plan to come a little early to find parking, locate the correct room, and connect with like-minded neighbors. This year’s caucuses likely will draw record crowds.

The evening will begin with reading the rules for the evening and then move on to the business at hand: electing delegates who will go on to state senate district conventions.

The Minneapolis Central Labor Union Council encourages as many union members as possible to run for election as delegates. At state senate district conventions a few weeks later, the delegates attending will vote on endorsements for state legislature and also choose the delegates for congressional district conventions.

Precinct caucuses also debate and pass resolutions that will move forward to shape each party’s platform.

In this presidential election year, the precinct caucuses will include a secret presidential preference ballot.

On the DFL side, results of the ballot will be binding and will determine how Minnesota’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be allocated among the candidates. DFLers will not subcaucus based on presidential preference.

On the Republican side, results of the Presidential Preference ballot will not be binding.

To learn more about the caucuses, a brochure may be downloaded from the Secretary of State’s website.

Also, a fun video portraying a mock Precinct Caucus is available on You Tube, created by the CLUC’s North Suburban Advisory Council. For the link, visit www.minneapolisunions.org.

For sample Precinct Caucus resolutions, visit www.mnaflcio.org.

If you’re elected as a delegate, please notify Anna Brelje, CLUC political director, with your contact information. Phone 612-379-4206 ext. 102.