The Grocer’s Son



Director: Eric Guirado

A box-office hit in France, this sensitive, quietly observant film follows in the bucolic, humanistic tradition of Marcel Pagnol and Jean Renoir.

Celebrating an endangered, stubbornly individualist lifestyle, free-spirited Antoine, 30, a young man, returns from hanging out in Paris as a waiter to his mountaintop village in Provence. His father, a traveling grocer, is now in the hospital after a heart attack, and Antoine must give a hand with the grocery store on wheels, serving small sun-splashed towns in the south of France. Until he is soon joined by a love interest, Claire, Antoine does not do well in his personal dealings with the quaint, eccentric characters he encounters. She quickly transforms the traveling grocery business, and woos the locals with her curiosity and impishly spontaneous charm. The rich detail, unforced humor, poignant relationships, as the pair roll over the beautiful countryside (no Internet or cell phones here) make The Grocer’s Son (Le Fils de Líepicier) a quiet, tender, and memorable delight.

(In French w/Eng. subtitles)


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