Green Jobs featured at State Fair


Positively Minnesota, a public-private partnership led by the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), released a Top Ten Green Enhanced Jobs in Minnesota in time for its newly created Green Jobs booth at this year’s Minnesota State Fair. Located in the Eco Experience building on the corner of Randall Ave. and Cosgrove St., the booth will feature job banks, information on green employment and training, and the growth of green jobs in Minnesota and where to find them.

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“Our theme is Sustainable Jobs for a Sustainable Future,” said Kirsten Morell, DEED communications director.

Morell spoke enthusiastically on the outlook of green jobs. “There were 53,000 green jobs in 2008 and we expect 72,000 green jobs by 2020. Minnesota is the leader in the green market,” she said.

In addition to green career and training information, the Green Jobs booth will showcase “Green Your Education” websites that list courses and degrees in the green industry. “There are 214 occupational categories that have a link to green economy,” Morell said.

Minnesota’s job bank, MinnesotaWorks.Net, will also be at the Green Jobs booth. The booth will include information on “Green Your Business.”

The Green Jobs Task Force, established by the Legislature in 2008, published a report on Green Jobs in Minnesota. The Task Force advises the legislature and governor regarding activities to advance the state economy, and to develop a statewide action plan to optimize the growth of the green economy, according to the publication.

The Task Force consists of Minnesota leaders from the legislative, administrative, regulatory, business, academic, environmental, labor and economic development sectors.

The report estimates the current economic output of Green Jobs at 11 billion dollars with projected growth to reach as much as 15 billion dollars by 2020. The report states that a Green Job “provides work in one of four industry sectors – green products, renewable energy, green services, and environmental conservation.”

Because of the state’s environmental policies, Minnesota is well positioned to attract and grow green jobs, the report said. The Green Jobs booth will highlight this growth.

And what are those Top Ten Green Jobs, with their $27.18 per hour and up salaries?

  • Environmental Engineers
  • Hazardous Waste Management Specialists
  • Engineering Geologists
  • Geologists and Hydrogeologists
  • Energy Efficiency Finance Managers
  • Alternative Financing Specialists/Government Incentives
  • Energy Efficiency Finance Managers
  • Alternative Financing Specialist/Government Incentives
  • Recycling Collections Drivers and
  • Building Inspectors.

[Ed. note: Were you counting? Yes – Positively Minnesota’s Top Ten is really only nine jobs. One job is listed two times. ]

Barbara Teed (email: is a media studies major at New School University in New York City. She lives in Bloomington.