Green up the holiday aftermath


Happy Holidays from Minnesota 2020! We hope you are enjoying the season with your family and friends. Once the cookies are eaten and the presents are opened, many of us are faced with the excess waste inevitably created. Here are a few tips to make sure your cleanup is sustainable. Special thanks to Earth 911 for the ideas.

• Recycle or reuse that wrapping paper! Wrapping paper is just as recyclable as all the other paper you recycle. Better yet, reuse it for future gifts.

• Do your kids have toys that need batteries? Be sure to buy rechargeable batteries.

• Compost all that extra food. You would be amazed how much trash you can avoid sending to the landfill.

• Recycle those egg nog cartons, pop cans, wine bottles, and beer bottles.

• Be sure to recycle your Christmas tree. Click here to get a list of places to recycle your tree.

There are plenty of other green holiday tips. Visit Earth 911 for more ideas.