FREE SPEECH ZONE | Grandmothers Peace Brigade, O Recruitment Day–the Grandmothers’ statement


Here is the statement that goes with Bill Sorem’s posting of  the Grannies video for


Grandmothers Peace Brigade

On April 22nd individuals and local groups staged lively actions at recruiting offices around the Twin Cities to proclaim Zero Recruitment Day in concert with war-resisting activists across the nation.  A cluster of older WAMM ( women declared ourselves the Grandmothers Peace Brigade and focused on the “Army Career Center” inside the Knollwood Mall in St. Louis Park. Reflecting the spirit of the Grandmas, Lucia Wilkes Smith delivered the following statement:

In most of this world’s cultures, the wisdom of the elders is respected.

Just in case that is also true here, we’d like to announce that we’re old, and we’re calling upon all of you to pay attention.  We believe there are elder women in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan who would share this perspective, this common ground.  We believe that, together, we could come to an understanding – grandma-to-grandma – to end these wars, to end these military occupations that bring only death, pain, sadness and destruction to the young people, and the older ones, too.

We believe that we could collaborate.  We could call in the grandchildren, the great nephews and nieces, the great-grandchildren – “Come home now!  It’s time to come home.”  We believe we – the grandmothers and great aunties – could get together and agree:

Save this Earth!  Save the grandchildren, the children.  Ours.  Theirs.  No difference.  All are precious to the grandmothers.  All are precious!

So, we recite the directives of grandmas all over this sacred earth, whether we speak English, Arabic, Farsi, or any tribal dialect:

Grandma says, “No roughhousing!  Play nice!”

Grandma says, “Use your words, not your fists!  No fighting!  No war!”

Grandma says, “Eat your vegetables, and don’t hurt anyone!”

Grandma says, “You are due for a time out!  Sit down and think about what you’re doing!”

Grandma says, “What?  You’re being deployed to Iraq?  Well, sorry to get personal, but you’d better hustle over to the place that will store your sperm.  Haven’t you read about the probable relationship between birth defects and exposure to depleted uranium?”

Grandma says, “I LOVE you!  I want to keep on loving you for a long, long time.”

Grandma says, “Don’t enlist – in the army, air force, navy, militia, or any terrorist cell!  DON‘T ENLIST! RESIST!”

All members of the Grandmothers Peace Brigade are members of Women Against Military Madness (WAMM).  Check the website for analysis, articles and upcoming events at