Graduation Weekends a Great Time to Remember Teachers


By Ted Modrich | May 22, 2009 • This Memorial Day Weekend I get to go home to watch my little sister graduate from high school. As I think of my sister graduating, I remember my own graduation just a few short years ago, and think fondly of the teachers who helped shape the person I am today. Many others will no doubt also be attending graduations this weekend, or in the coming days and weeks, and it serves not only as a great time to congratulate the hard working students, but to recognize the teachers who helped along the way.

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Most of us can remember a certain special teacher who made a profound impact in our lives, who challenged us, and pushed us farther than we thought possible. These teachers are a fundamental part of making our state, and our country, a better place.

Most, if not all teachers absolutely love what they do and despite any grumblings, would not trade it for anything in the world. Teachers are paid too little, must deal with budget cuts while also trying to meet rising standards, and all the while work day in and day out to help young people reach their full potential. They all deserve our gratitude.

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