Governor’s bonding plan ignores Lowry corridor


On January 18, Governor Pawlenty released his proposed 2006 budget. In the $897 million budget, two Lowry Avenue projects did not receive recommendations for funding by the Governor. Nearly $2.15 billion was requested from various departments and municipalities for 2006 with the two Lowry Avenue projects requesting a total of $29.3 million. Hennepin County listed the Phase II of the Lowry Avenue Corridor project as its top priority, with a request for $5 million. The other Lowry Avenue project was a request for $24.3 million for the replacement of the Lowry Avenue Bridge crossing the Mississippi River.

Senator Linda Higgins is the author of a Senate bill SF0517 that seeks funding for Phase II of the Lowry Avenue Corridor project. If Phase II is funded in this legislative session, construction could begin in 2008 for Phase II.