Governor, legislative leaders, need to call special session to ‘get the job done’


Hopefully, by the time you read this, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will have called a special session of the legislature. The Governor and the leaders of the Minnesota House and Senate need to hear a message: “let’s get the job done.”

Opinion: Governor, legislative leaders, need to call special session to ‘get the job done’

To their credit, the legislature passed a bonding bill and a tax bill before adjourning May 21. This legislation would have provided revenues to fund investments in our state’s infrastructure and create thousands of jobs.

Governor Pawlenty vetoed the bonding bill and the tax bill, however, leaving the state’s vital needs unmet. The Wall Street Journal featured Pawlenty in a laudatory June 5 editorial as “Governor Veto.”

The Journal did not report the views of Minnesota AFL-CIO president Ray Waldron. “Governor Veto is too nice for this type of person,” Waldron says. “He’s a job killer.”

The legislation Pawlenty vetoed would have provided thousands of construction jobs for investments that benefit all Minnesotans, like improving our highways. Minnesotans shouldn’t be stuck in paralyzing traffic while Pawlenty’s driving in the fast lane to towards a possible spot on the Republican vice presidential ticket in 2008.

The Governor spoke humbly after his narrow win in 2006 about working together with the DFL majorities in the legislature. He needs to make good on that promise.

Our friends Representative Margaret Anderson-Kelliher (Speaker of the House) and Senator Larry Pogemiller (Senate Majority Leader) need to come to the table with veto-proof solutions.

You can help. Phone all three with the message: “let’s get the job done.”