Good ol’ summer time….


Steamy days are upon us and I can hardly believe I used to walk beans, detassle corn, bottle feed calves, pick rocks from fields, help sew oats by hand, show animals in August for 4-H and live in a house with no air conditioning for all of 18 years. I have become a wuss. Is that a real word? It seems the most appropriate one because at this point in my life, I do not like to garden, driving in midday makes me cranky, and my heart literally deflated when Thing 2 said he wanted to play baseball. His games are at 5:00 p.m.– death trap hour for those watching from the sidelines with the nearest tree 2 miles away.

I survived a trip to Cameroon, Africa when I was 22 and remember my joy upon returning home when reaquainting myself with ice cubes and paved roads. I vowed then to not take life’s little offerings for granted. I see now I have slipped, and I am not proud of myself.

I can’t complain about the hot sun in July when hardy Minnesotans just plodded their way through the longest winter ever. This season is brief! The days are long and have much to offer besides heat and mosquitoes! There are pools and lakes to swim in, balls to throw, gardens to harvest, grass to cut, patios to sit upon, and fairs to attend.

A confidant once suggested that I spend an awful lot of time denying what I really like and enjoy. But while living in this season of abundance and light, it is hard to admit this just isn’t your season. So…I will work to remain smiling. Inside my house.