Good news for fed funds and broadband


by Ann Treacy • First – the House passed an $819 billion stimulus plan that includes $6 billion for new wired and wireless broadband networks.

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They also stipulated that companies receiving funds to build new broadband networks adhere to openness conditions. Some will see that as good new; some won’t. As I wrote yesterday, I think it will help spread the money to providers who will focus on rural areas. Also I think it will help providers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get funding – and wasn’t that a huge goal of the bill – to stimulate the economy?

Second – Senator Amy Klobuchar announced that key investments in high speed internet that she pushed for were included by the Senate Appropriations Committee in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The legislation includes nearly $9 billion to strengthen the nation’s high speed internet infrastructure and will help deliver the technologies that can create new jobs and opportunities in rural America.