FRIDAY PICK | Global Music Festival brings beats to The Brick


This month everyone’s been talking about how the Rolling Stones are still rocking after 50 years, and how Jagger still moves like Jagger. Will today’s most exciting up-and-coming acts still be around in 2062? If so, the likes of AC Slater, Mord Fustang, Jack Trash, Mrbrgr, and Clayzer the Lazer won’t have to worry as much about arthritis: they play electronic dance music (EDM), which even Stephen Hawking could do (and probably does) with the proper software. Not all EDM acts are created equal, though; from July 19-21, over a dozen of the top electronic musicians from around the world will play a three-day Global Dance Festival at The Brick. Look for Stephen Hawking in furry purple boots.

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