Getting ready to launch into Phase II


My 10 days respite at home is quickly coming to a close and I’m heading out Thursday morning. It won’t be easy to leave home but I’m also anxious to get back to my trip. While here I have had a number of interviews, had a chance to share some of my photos and observations on my trip thus far with friends and colleagues, and have made plans for moving forward.

FYI, not counting the side trips I took when I rented a car, I calculate that I’ve traveled approximately 2,750 miles. Below you can see a breakdown of travel by car, bus, and bike. This doesn’t count walking.
2,750 miles from Santa Cruz , CA to Minneapolis , MN
-30 mile bus ride from Calistoga (bus)
-150 miles from Redding to Medford (bus)
-47 miles from Eugene to Corvallis (car)
– 22 miles from Sisters, OR to Bend , Or (cab)
-106 miles from Buchanan , OR to Ontario OR (car)
-85 miles from Mountain Home ID to Twin Falls (bus)
-132 miles from E. Yellowstone, MT to Cody , Wyo (car)
-20 miles in Bighorn Mountain (car)

592 miles by vehicle
2,158 miles by bike

My plan from here is to go south to Iowa City and visit friends who have alerted me to local tensions arising in nearby communities related to immigration. From there I will go towards Milwaukee, down to Chicago and then across to Detroit and into Ontario, Canada where I will cross back into the U.S. at Niagara Falls. From there I will head east through New York, Massachusetts and began a southward trek along the eastern seaboard.

I hope the ride and my internet access challenges will be easier, though I go forward a bit thinner, stronger, and smarter. (For those of you who are curious, I lost about 16 pounds during stage I.) To make room for a laptop, I will not be taking my stove and fuel and will lessen the amount of food I carry since finding food has not been a problem and the denser population of the east will ensure this won’t be a problem.