Getting the (neighborhood) news out, from chickens to gunshots


I often hear complaints about lack of coverage of neighborhood stories. Sometimes it’s a specific neighborhood — North Minneapolis or Dayton’s Bluff in St. Paul — that’s not getting adequate coverage. Sometimes it’s a specific story, or neighborhood news in general, or the lack of a print newspaper in a specific neighborhood.

While we can’t reverse the long-term trend of closing neighborhood newspapers, we do publish neighborhood news from our print media partners and also from neighborhood correspondents. To judge how much (or how little) we succeed in covering neighborhoods, check out our Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhood pages. If your neighborhood news isn’t well-represented, consider stepping up and becoming a neighborhood correspondent. We know there’s a problem, and we invite you to become part of the solution.

Another source of neighborhood news is in online community forums. E-Democracy is the biggest center for neighborhood forums in the Twin Cities. Dozens of neighborhoods have forums already, and more are coming. Here are the topics from the Powderhorn E-Democracy forum on August 12:

* Loud airplanes may be here to stay

* Mechanic for an older car?

* gunshots

* Black Chicken on the Loose

* Healthy Homes Healthy Kids Community Meeting with City of Minneapolis Representatives

* Latin American Film Series starts tonight!

* K9 and Kitty Kutters

* Mini Yard Sale this Saturday!

Perhaps some of these posts could be news stories for a larger audience than the neighborhood forum. We’re looking for ways to include more E-Democracy content in TC Daily Planet. If you’d like to check out the E-Democracy forum for your neighborhood, just click here.

If your stories aren’t being told, if your voice isn’t being heard, you can register as a TC Daily Planet user and post neighborhood news in Neighborhood Notes or any other news and opinions in the Free Speech Zone.