GET REAL! City Pages Doumentary Film Fest thru Thurs.NOV.10th


GET REAL!!: City Pages Documentary Film Festival
November 4 – 10, 2005
Landmark’s Lagoon Cinema, on Lagoon Ave. off Hennepin Ave.S, uptown

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BELOW: the *** are my mini-reviews and recommendations of some of the
highlights of this year’s festival.
Lydia Howell, host/producer “Catalyst”, KFAI Radio

***2:30 p.m.: The Real Dirt on Farmer John
A portrait of a great American original in the Thoreau mode and a look
at one man;’s fight for organic farming.

5:00 p.m.: Ballets Russes: Refugees from Russia create rival ballet troupes in NYC in the 1930s/40s with some surprising results

***7:30 p.m.: Green Green Water (work in progress)Directed by TC
film-maker DAWN MIKKELSON. Do you know where your electricity comes
from? Some of it comes from Manitoba,Canada thru hydro-pwer created by
dams destroying Indigeous people’s lands and way of life.Mikkeslson
speaks at the screening.
Hear an interview with DAWN MIKKELSON on Tues. NOV.1 @ 11am on

9:45 p.m.: Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic
Comic relief, from one of the funniest women doing stand-up. Who says
women have no sense of humor?!

Midnight: Sign of the Times (Uptown Theatre)
For PRINCE fans, here’s a clasic concert movie.

***2:30 p.m.: William Eggleston in the Real World
Surrender to beauty in this Valentine to a contemporary photographer.who’s used color film in extraordinary ways.

***BELOW: GLBT double-feature:
***5:30 p.m.: The Joy of Life
TC-native-translplanted to San Francisco Lesbian filmmaker JENNI OLSON
creates a stirring meditation on longing for love, “butch” lesbian
identity and the city of San Francisco’s most famous landmark,the Golden
Gate Bridge. The images of the city echo painter Edward Hopper’s
paintings in their urban loneliess and beauty.

***7:30 p.m.: The Aggressives
A Lesbian”drag king” parallel to the faous drag queen “balls” film
“Paris is Buring”. When women impersonate men, let the “best man” win!
9:45 p.m.: Zizek!
Slavoj Zizek is a culture critic who brings together HItchock’s films, Marx, 9/11 and Jesus…take a global trip with the guy known as the “Elvis of culture theory”.

FREE!2:30 p.m.: When Billy Broke His Head and Other Tales of Wonder (FREE
admission) TC filmaker Billy Golfus documents his journey to deal with
and recover from a head injury, with bittersweet results. Brilliant & unsentimental film-making on the experince of disability that could hapen to anyone of us.

(Afternoon happy hour at Bryant Lake Bowl! Enjoy reduced rates on
cocktails, wine, beer and select appetizers following the afternoon

***5:30 p.m.: Pack Strap Swallow
The ‘war on drugs’ is now claiming more women—who are doing serious
time as “mules” for boyfriends and husbands. Director Holy Paige Joyner
goes to a women’s prison in Ecuador to show 6 women’s experience. While
this reviewer would ahve preferred a look at an AMERICAN women’s prison,
increasingly the press is BANNED from the US priosn-industiral complex.
This film stands in and poses critical questions about the endless (&
failed) “drug war”.

***7:30 p.m.: The Green Bus v. the White House
Director SALLY HANLEY takes another look at PAUL WELLSTONE–in the last
3 weeks of his final US Senate campaign. Hanley speaks at the screening.

9:45 p.m.: State of Fear: a look at the civil war in Peru

FREE***2:30 p.m.: North Star: Minnesota’s Black Pioneers–Making a Home
(FREE admission) TC African-American film-maker TPT denizen DANIEL
BERGEN creates a series of portraists of Black Minnesotansa,revealing
history history you’ve never heard. HEAR interview w/ Daniel Bergen on
Tues.Nov.8, 11am,CATALYST on KFAI Radio,90.3fm/

(Afternoon happy hour at Bryant Lake Bowl! Enjoy reduced rates on
cocktails, wine, beer and select appetizers following the afternoon

5:30 p.m.: The Phantom of the Operator
Facinating use of 100 20th century industrial films from the telephone
industry offer a mirror of our 21st “service economy”. It’s insidiously
wonderful viewing that asks questions about labor,technology and
communication. Industrial psychology merges with new technology creating a Brave New World that had me sing, “I;m sticking’ with the union!”

***7:30 p.m.: Two By MARTIN SCORSESE (Italianamerican & American Boy)
One of American cinema;s geniouses did NOT just strat making
documentaries with his recent BOB DYLAN film. These two 1970s
docuemntaries (ITALIANAMERICAN:a portrait of his parents in 1974 and
AMERICAN BOY:a portrait of a bit-actor in Scorceses’s TAXI DRIVER) are
facinating and give interesting insights into the director’s body of work.

9:45 p.m.: The Outsider
A film about movie-making: looks at 12 day film-makig frenzy of James
Tobak shooting a thriller. Zany fun.

FREE!2:30 p.m.: Search and Rescue: Minnesota Documents (FREE admission)
The series SEARCH & RESCUE hosted by U (of MN) FILM SOCIETY is now at
Bryant-Lake Bowl one WEDNESDAY night at month. Get a glimpse of this
celluloid heritage at this free screening!(For future films in the SEARCH & RESUE series,

(Afternoon happy hour at Bryant Lake Bowl! Enjoy reduced rates on
cocktails, wine, beer and select appetizers following the afternoon

5:30 p.m.: Code 33
See the REAL CSI:Miami! The same film-makers who brought you HORNS &
HALOs(about a Texas journalist who exposed GW Bush in a 1998 controversial book) are back with a look at ‘suspect sketch artists’. Truth IS more suspenseful
than fiction!

***7:30 p.m.: Unknown White Male
Imagine being on the subway train, suddenly realizing youu have jno idea
who you are: Bruce, a 30-something successful stockbroker experinces
rare & total AMNESIA–who’s cause can’t be explained. What’s most
riveting about this film is Bruce’s journey to re-create himself–and
the questions about what the Self really is for all of us.

9:45 p.m.: Real Life

2:30 p.m.: Minnesota Stories (FREE admission)

(Afternoon happy hour at Bryant Lake Bowl! Enjoy reduced rates on
cocktails, wine, beer and select appetizers following the afternoon

5:30 p.m.: Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography
Revel in this 1993 love letter to the glory of cinematorgraphy through
CASSABLANC and THE CONFORMIST, this is movie lover’s dream come true.

***7:30 p.m.: After Innocence
Hollywood movies that look at innocent prisoners exonerated and freed
from Death Row END their films where this one BEGINS: what happens after
release from decades in prison for a crime you didn’t committ? How do
you start over? This film looks at the lives of 7 exonerated men—and
one of them will be at the screening to answwer questions. If you care
about American justice, don’t miss this film!

(Closing night party to follow the screening of After Innocence at The
Independent in Calhoun Square. Free appetizers, drinks and mingling
with one very special guest and festival staff).

reviews by LYDIA HOWELL, Arts Editor of the TC DAILY PANET and host/producer of “Catalyst”,Tues.11am on KFAI RADIO