Gang Strike force … going down?


The Strib reports that document-shredding by three officers after the unit came under investigation may lead to the dissolution of the 24-officer, 13-jurisdiction unit. The Strike Force has been shut down since the paper-shredding. The Strib reports that investigators found:

West St. Paul Police Chief Bud Shaver … drove into the parking lot of the nondescript building off of County Road E. Inside, he saw cops boxing up files. He didn’t recognize the officers, but he took down license plate numbers of cars parked in the lot, according to Omodt’s e-mail and interviews with authorities. Soon, several more members of the Strike Force came in and started to remove property and belongings. Shaver confronted some of the cops. An angry exchange followed. What they were doing had a criminal air, Shaver told them, and he ordered them to stop.

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