Gail Chang Bohr advances in judicial election


Gail Chang Bohr, candidate for Ramsey County District Judge, received 7,042 votes to take 20.48 percent among an eight candidate primary election on Sept. 9.

The second place finish advanced her to the general election this November against Howard Orenstein, who led all votes with 9,858 or 28.67 percent. The two outpaced six other candidates, Paul Godfrey, Connie Iversen, John Guzik, Joy Bartscher, James Snyder, Sr. and Richard Carlson, Jr.

“I am so pleased to be advancing to the general election,” said Chang Bohr. “I had a strong showing in the primary, thanks to the great support across all communities.”

She said the Ramsey County residents have expressed an interest in the race all throughout her campaign. The interest, she added, stems from a sincere desire for an independent and unbiased judiciary. They also like that is running a campaign free of partisan influence, she added.

Chang Bohr has received endorsements from Former Vice President Walter Mondale, State Senator Mee Moua, and six retired Minnesota Supreme Court justices.

“I look forward to continuing to campaign throughout the county and meeting and talking with people wherever I can,” she added. “Many thanks to everyone who supported me in the primary. When you go to vote on November 4, please remember to turn the ballot over and go to the bottom of the second page – and vote for Gail Chang Bohr.”

Bohr, a distinguished figure in the Twin Cities legal community, has served since 1995 as the executive director of Children’s Law Center of Minnesota. Her vast experience both inside and outside the courtroom, her exceptional knowledge of the law and her unflagging commitment to the judicial process all point to her ability to perform her duties with skill and integrity.

Bohr has extensive legal experience and has practiced at the law firm Faegre and Benson, clerked at the Minnesota Supreme Court, and served as a Hennepin County Conciliation Court judge. The centerpiece of her legal career has been her work at Children’s Law Center of Minnesota, where she has served as Executive Director since its opening in 1995. As a very hands-on executive director, she spends the majority of her time in the courtroom representing children and working with attorneys on their cases. She has also managed hundreds of cases and overseen the work of 270 volunteer attorneys who donate their time by working on behalf of children.

Bohr’s many honors and awards speak to her legal expertise and experience, as well as her sterling reputation in the legal community. Her work has been recognized throughout the years by the American Bar Association, Minnesota Lawyer, the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Civil Litigation Section, William Mitchell College of Law, and the Minnesota Council on Child Caring Agencies. In June 2008 she was named by Minnesota Lawyer as one of the “Top Ten Legal Newsmakers of the Decade.”

Bohr’s candidacy has been greeted with particular enthusiasm by many prominent attorneys and judges. Attorney Thomas Fraser praises Bohr’s legal background, noting “Gail is nationally known as an expert in establishing and protecting the rights of children. She has recruited hundreds of volunteer lawyers to represent foster children who have no parents to look out for them. Her experience in the courts, her passion for justice, and her even-handed temperament will make her an outstanding judge.” Retired Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Wahl—who was the first woman to serve on the Minnesota Supreme Court—notes, “Gail Chang Bohr would make an excellent judge because she has good judgment. I worked with her and I trust her.” Attorney David Herr says, “Gail Chang Bohr will be an excellent addition to the Ramsey County Bench. She has legal ability and experience that will benefit all litigants. She also has legal experience that will assist the court in the wide variety of cases it confronts every day.” Bohr’s campaign is being chaired by outgoing President of the Ramsey County Bar Association Richard H. Kyle Jr.