Fugitive Pieces




Fugitive Pieces tells the story of Jakob Beer (Stephen Dillane), a man whose life is transformed by his childhood experiences during WWII as it explores the layers of memory as one wrestles with ghosts from a horrible past. Jakob’s story begins in Poland in 1942, when he is nine years old and Nazi soldiers have murdered his parents. Traumatized by this horrific event, Jakob sneaks out of his hiding place and is found by Athos Roussos (veteran actor Rade Sherbedgia), a Greek archaeologist working at a Polish dig.

Moved by the child’s plight, Athos boldly smuggles Jakob out of Poland to his native Greece, where he hides him in his home on the island of Zakynthos in Greece, also occupied by the Germans. After the war, Athos and Jakob emigrate to Canada, where Athos accepts a university teaching position. Yet he remains haunted by his parents’ death and the question of his sister’s fate. Powerful and unforgettably lyrical, the critically acclaimed film about love, loss and redemption, was the 2007 Toronto Film Festival opening. Veteran Canadian director Podeswa brings lush visuals to his adaptation of Anne Michaels’ vivid 1997 novel in a landmark Canadian collaboration involving Toronto producer Robert Lantos.

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