Fringe—Users also scheduled…


by Matthew A. Everett • July 28, 2008 • I know that this in essence is completely random, and in some cases I myself, in trying to set up my schedule and throwing a pretty wide net, may be adding to the randomness, but the recently added…

Users Also Scheduled

feature on the Minnesota Fringe Festival website is amusing me right right now.

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For instance, when I recently went to the Fringe page for my own show, I found that other user scheduled preferences included productions from Live Action Set, Walking Shadow, Four Humors, Maximum Verbosity, New Theater Group, and Allegra Lingo. All very good company to be in.

Allegra and Walking Shadow and Four Humors and New Theater Group are also in the Rarig Center, like my show.

Allegra’s got the queer content thing in common with my show.

But it’s the titles that amuse me most, particularly Live Action Set’s.

People who are interested your show, with homosexuals in it, and a man pretending to be dog, also want to go see “Deviants” (about, among other things, perverts and serial killers)

Or Walking Shadow’s title…

People who are interested in your show also want to go see the zombie play “Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead.”

Or Maximum Verbosity’s incendiary little publicity image for their show…

People who are interested in your show also want to go see the show where the head of the theater company had himself portrayed as being crucified, like our Lord Jesus Christ.

And so on…

I’m curious where my show might be showing up now…

People interested in this show are also interested in seeing a show with a picture of a guy dressed up like a dog, called “The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag

That’s a peculiar mix no matter what way you go.

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