Fringe Top 10—#8: Onomatopoeia Productions


by Matthew A. Everett • July 29, 2008 • As Renee Zellweger once said, “You had me at ‘destructive, foul-mouthed shadow puppet.’”

Segueing on to something both yellow and orange, next in the pre-Fringe Top 10 cavalcade is


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“Paul is having troubles feeling. To save himself, the starry-eyed, bleary-eyed teen must navigate the depths of his own cardboard reality, facing a shadow puppet, a girl with a rhyming name and an apathetic psychologist.”

(Yes, I’m a little partial to dandelions myself, but…)

The thing that got me, originally, and still gets me, was the more expansive phrasing of the description they submitted for the Fringe lottery drawing, where word and character limits on text aren’t an issue…

“A teenage boy who is disconnected from the real world creates an imaginary realm inside his head where everything is made up of cardboard. There he meets a strange girl who shows us unhappy memories of his parents, and speaks to a destructive, foul-mouthed shadow puppet.”

At one of the Fringe producers’ orientation sessions, one of the Onomatopoetics described how they’d need to tape their cardboard set back together between shows, because much of it is demolished in some fashion at every performance. Thankfully, cardboard is mighty portable, so strike shouldn’t be that grueling.

A sample of that cardboard world was on display at the Fringe-For-All in their preview. And if I’d had any doubts, that magnificent tree would have sealed the deal for me. I am officially fascinated and need to see that whole cardboard universe. You can view the video clip on the Fringe’s YouTube page here.

Online quote – “Personally, I think it’s a pretty awesome play, and that you should come and see it. My production company, Onomatopoeia Productions, is full of some totally brilliant actors.”

Zach Kolodjeski, the writer/director/producer of Dandelion, will be turning 18 right in the middle of the festival.

So, you know, Teen Fringe, aka Jailbait Fringe.

(Blogger feeling really, really old Fringe)

(When I was 18, Zach was -16)

And yet, though the likelihood is that it will depress me just a bit if it’s great, I’m equally excited at the prospect of the same thing. Another generation embracing theater vigorously with both arms and then shaking it to see what falls out – that’s a huge part of what I go to the Fringe for these days.

To see what’s next.

Which is why, with all the great options at 5:30pm on opening day of the Fringe on Thursday, July 31, Mom and I are starting our Fringe with Dandelion.

Very Highly Recommended.

You can check out Onomatopoeia Productions online at

(For the life of me, spell check needs to remind me where to put all the O’s every single time. Sigh.)

Location, dates and show times, and ticket info available here.

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