Fringe Top 10 2008—#4: Joseph Bingham


by Matthew A. Everett • July 28, 2008 •

(The swans from “Swan Lake” and a flamingo (?!) appear, then cross offstage. Two hunters dance in pursuit with rifles drawn. This isn’t going to end well…)

I enjoyed Joseph Bingham’s 2007 dance show Conundrum so much, I saw it twice. If that’s not a candidate for 2008’s pre-Fringe Top 10, I don’t know what is. So what’s he up to this time? A double-header…

Joseph BinghamConundrum Rehabbed

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“A kaleidoscopic fusion of well-whipped dance, theatre and music spiced with surpise and parody. An eclectic experience that you’ll need to see twice! A rehabbed version of the show you loved in 2007. Conundrum Rehabbed will feature two premieres of choreographed works, two new major parodies, and several faves from last years show. New interludes will keep the show flowing without those awkward pauses that involve the audience sitting in the dark while the dancers change costumes. Two of these interludes will include ballroom dances by the C-Street Dance Company”

and he’s also part of Kari Jensen’s

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis (Art is Long, Life Is Short)

(and Latin? is best used sparingly in your title, if at all – but that’s just me – I put words like “prick,” “stud,” and “bitch” in my titles, so consider the source)

“An eclectic, exciting mix of dance styles; classical, contemporary, jazz and ballroom. Art is long, life is short. Watch us celebrate our love of art and life!”

2007 – Conundrum

2008 – Conundrum Rehabbed

Can I blame him for going back to the same well twice? When the well’s this amusing, and effective as entertainment? Not really. They were a big hit with their Fringe-For-All preview this year, and deservedly so (video clip here) It’s more of the (most welcome) John Munger school of accessible, often very funny, but nonetheless graceful and beautiful, dance. Readers of this blog know I can’t adequately describe dance moves by their proper names to save my life. But I know what I like. I know what moves me, and makes me laugh, and Bingham’s work does both.

I rarely go back for seconds in theater. Last year’s Conundrum was one of a small handful of notable exceptions. You can follow along on what’s up next by visiting

Anything Bingham’s involved in comes…

Very Highly Recommended

Location, dates and times, and ticket info are all available here and here

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