Fringe Top 10—#10: Youth Performance Company/Young Artists Council


by Matthew A. Everett • July 31, 2008 • Youth Performance Company – The Boyshow

“It’s here! YPC’s ‘coming of age’ trilogy is complete! ‘Goddess Mense,’ ‘The Talk’ and, now, ‘The Boy Show,’ a no-holds-barred exposé of growing up male. Warning: No snips, snails or puppy dog tails.”


Young Artists Council – Reefer Madness: The Musical

“A musical based on the 1936 anti-marijuana propaganda film of the same name. A tongue-in-cheek comedy about the perils of drugs, sex and general moral turpitude.”

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I kind of held off mentioning this double feature because last year I mentioned YPC’s Boyshow as one of my Top 10 in the context of the TV show I host, and then it promptly dropped off the schedule. Not wanting to jinx it two years running, I thought I’d bide my time.

It seems like it’s actually coming off this time around, however.

Plus, Youth Performance Company‘s offshoot for the older young artists (hmmm, older young artists? Anyway…) the Young Artists Council it also hitting the Fringe this year with the musical version of Reefer Madness, so it looks like they’re trying to make up for lost time. (Also, a friend of mine’s in the Reefer cast, so that’s added reason to recommend it, and try to get my butt over to the Bryant Lake Bowl to see it)

I missed YPC’s bit hit Fringe show about menstruation (no, really). I did catch “The Talk” during it’s Bryant Lake Bowl run outside the Fringe and was impressed. But then I’m always impressed with the quality of the productions that Youth Performance Company presents, so another good show from them is no surprise.

Yes, the boys in the publicity photo look a little bored, but I’m pretty sure the audience won’t be. No preview video clips to present to you, but knowing the company, I’m really confident about the product.

Either one alone, or a double feature of both, would be a good example of the kind of thing the Teen Fringe does best. So add them to your schedule.

Also, keep an eye on the Youth Performance Company theater offerings year round – their website is


Very Highly Recommended.

Locations, dates and show times, and ticket info on both shows can be found here and here

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