Fringe Showcase: My thoughts


by Rachel Reiva | 7/22/09 • Hello Fringegoers! I saw the Fringe-For-All on Monday and saw some good shows. Overall I thought the Fringe-For-All went really well, and it showed me some shows that I definitely needed to see. So let’s get to it!

Savage Umbrella: Love me or Die

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A classic tale of deception and the theater, loosely based on the opera Pagliacci. Guitars, juggling, singing, heart-break, intrigue, death and fried chicken. Part homage. Totally rock and roll.

Well, I thought the preview definitely made me want to see more of this show. What I really liked was the chorus in the background their comments and singing with the main character. They had some really nice voices and I thought the bird in the background crossing the stage was funny. Plus, I like the somewhere over the rainbow line at the end of the song. Then the ending made me wonder about what was going to happen next which then makes me want to see the show because I hate having cliff hangers. So, whether I see it or not is still up in the air it depends on my schedule. But great job Savage Umbrella.

Erin Search-Wells: Masha 3000

Local comedienne Erin Search-Wells takes Chekhov’s Masha and launches her into the future. Vexed and huffy, Masha 3000 is surrounded by floating screens, voice-protected videos, and multiple online aliases.

First of all with this show I love Chekhov, and I am interested in seeing how they adapted it. Also I love the whole intersection speech that was going on with the actors’ movement during it. It really shows how virtual you can get when you get on the internet. It’s something again that I might see. I thought it was creative and kudos again with using Chekhov.

Best Weird Dog: Rumspringa The Musical

An Amish girl falls in love with a robot. With songs.

I really thought this was cute to watch. What I enjoyed was the love triangle between the Robot, Amish girl, and the Amish guy. The song was nice to listen to and I liked the dialogue between the robot and the Amish girl. It really set me up to be interested of how this was going to turn out.

I’ll post more showcase reviews during the week. Then I will post the top ten adult shows that I will definitely see. Till next time Fringegoers!

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