Fringe reviews August 3, 2013: Don’t Fake Your Own Death, Tizi Quzou, Silver Platter, Bloody Merry Pajama Party



Unfortunately due to really bad traffic on 94 I ended up missing the first fringe slot. So hopefully I will get to seek a brief history of Irish music before the end of the Fringe. Anyway here is what I saw on August 3rd


Don’t Fake Your Own Death Shakespeare rules of Love: By Sarah Chandler


How do you turn a tragedy into a comedy? The discovery of Shakespeare’s lost manuscript, The Rules of Love, sends an actress on a quest through his plays to find out where she went wrong-onstage and off

I liking Shakespeare found this to be an intriguing play to watch. Not only was it a very wonderful interesting dissection of Shakespeare’s various play, it focused on the  common theme of love that went on in most of his plays. It wasn’t even boring, it was rather entertaining. With the duo of actors that played with great chemistry. They really fed the energy off of  each other that brought an unique take on Shakespeare and his characters. All in all if you like entertainment with interesting play theories this play is right for you. It is probably the best view of Shakespeare I have seen yet.


Tizi Ouzou: By Taous Khazem


Set to the dynamic pulse of Algerian music, this is a story of love, struggle and awakening in the small city of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria.

Wonderful one woman show with wonderful unique characters that show what the play is about. It brings up an topic that is still going on today about immigration and how it affects the family and the culture that they live in. It shows a very realistic picture and I was impressed with how the actress could keep all the characters at a consistent energy that never died down and brought the play to a strong and powerful finish.


Silver platter: By MAULdance


Entirely driven by local students and young artists, we are exploring “gaze theory” and how it applies to our generation. Investigating the power of opinion over fact, we aspire to shift power in our favor.

Every fringe I always make a point to see at least one dance show. And normally I always end up a little disappointed. Well, Silver Platters did not disappoint me in the least. It was actually very entertaining to watch. Each dance was like a new short story playing out in front of you. The cast of performers looked so graceful and in sync in each other it showed good teamwork. Even if you are not a fan of dance shows I would not miss this one.


Bloody merry pajama party: By Blank Slate Theater


Zombies, Lesbians, Pillow Fights, the Total Woman converge at a 1972 jammy party. Party games turn deadly, the dead play Truth or Dare, Bloody Mary is conjured, and female shame transforms into wild pride!

I have always been a fan of blank slate theatre company because they have always pushed the limits of theatre to new heights. I have to say that this has to best play I’ve have seen so far in Fringe.  When I see a play like this one it shows me that creativity is still alive and well. It has everything a play needs music, comedy, social commentary. It is a must see show in Fringe!