Fringe Festival Day 5: Reviews of “I Love You: We’re F*#ked” and “No Change of Address”


Five days have already passed, and we only have another 5 days till the end of the Fringe. This time of year goes by so fast, I wish that the Fringe Festival was longer, but alas some things just have to stay the same. But without further delay here are yesterday’s reviews.  

 1.      I Love You: We’re Fucked: by 55BC

If you want to see a show that will have you laughing till you cry, you will want to see this one. This has to be my favorite show so far in the Fringe Festival. Kevin Thornton has created a masterpiece of mixing great original music with stand up. The stories were great to listen to, and the music was just wonderful to listen to, and I am very tempted to buy the songs. A must see in the Fringe.

2.      No Change of Address: by Serpentine

This show was good, but not the best. It gave real insight into mental health and what it is like to have depression. But it sort of felt a little slow moving, because some of it just seemed too slow. The actor was good and he really brought the character to life. If you want insight on what it is like to have a mental illness, I really suggest this show.

That’s it for yesterday, and today is a new day. Happy Fringing everyone!