Fringe Festival day 3 and 4

  1. A Fool’s Errand: by Jaded Optimists Productions

This show had its moments, but it was very unevenly paced. That doesn’t mean that the performers were bad. It just seemed that the energy was low, so it felt like there wasn’t a lot of energy being shown to the audience. The stories were nice, thoug,h and you can tell that a lot of hard work went into it. But I was hoping it would be more philosophical, really asking the big questions.

2.      My Dinner with Andrew: by Right Brain Productions, LLC

The show was really one of the best at the Fringe so far. It shows a side of the infamous serial killer Andrew Cunanan that is up close and personal. The show was suspenseful and exciting to watch. I was practically on the edge of my seat the entire time—just seeing how the two actors interacted with each other, the dynamics and the chemistry. The two men just worked really well together which made for a great show.

3.      Callahan and Lingo Presents: The Last Ditch: by ACM Productions

For a show that joined the Fringe three weeks before, it was a really polished show. The stories were fun to listen to, and seeing how Callahan and Lingo interacted with each other really just brought the show together.  This has to be the best spoken word piece in all of Fringe so far from what I’ve seen. A must see in the Fringe.

4.      Nineteen Cows Leaving Beirut: by Eat Street Players

It was an interesting satire on today’s school system. I liked the first part of the play, that was really good. I my favorite charater was Janitor Sandy; his antics were great to watch. Just seeing him interacting with the other characters was hilarious to see. The songs throughout the show were also great and original. What I didn’t like about the show was the ending. To me it sort of turned from a funny satire about today’s education to a big brother conspiracy, which just seemed to be too big of a turn.

5.      Depression Glass: Cheery little play about Death and Decay: by 1929 Productions

This show has its good moments. And using the recent recession was an interesting premise for the plot line. But my main thing was that there should have been more interactions between the main characters and other characters throughout the play. While the main characters were an interesting duo, I think the focus was just a little too much on them.

6.      SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States): Serious Hedgehog Arts

A very creative premise for the show using the Supreme Court, and I think it was a very well executed idea. My mom being a lawyer and she having also argued in front of the Supreme Court, it was cool to see a show about the judicial branch of the government. Especially since all we ever here about in the news it about the congress or the president. It was a great plot, and the issue of letting cameras into the court was an interesting topic to think about, since the court has never allowed cameras in the court before. It’s a concept that was well done and well performed.