Fringe Day 5 – What’s Mom Seeing Monday Night?


by Matthew A. Everett • August 4, 2008 • 5:30pm
Orange – Questionable Company Theater – Mixed Blood

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One of this year’s top 10. What better way to start one’s Monday night than an omnisexual farce about terrorism? Show page here, video clips here, and write-up here

Hue & Cry – Lex-Ham Community Theater – playwrights center

One of this year’s top 20. Two good actors and the US premiere of a new Irish script, for a change of pace. Show page here, write-up here

Secrets of the Little Yellow Diary – Patty Nieman – Ritz

One of this year’s top 10. Gorgeous voice, unusual source material, lovely melodies. Can’t wait. Show page here, video clips here, and write-up here

Paul Bunyan Runs for President – Vanderpan Enterprises – Bryant Lake Bowl

One of this year’s top 20. Jonathan Wemette’s word processor just seems to crank out one well-crafted comedy after another. After last year’s “Three Days In Hell,” I’ll happily sign on to Paul Bunyan’s political campaign to round out our night. Show page here, write-up here

Hit the gym this morning, since it was the last day Mom could get in her water aerobics before they shut down the pool for the rest of the week for annual maintenance (as Patty Nieman would sing, timing is everything). My non-aquatic workout was overdue after a day off anyway. Cuts into reviewing time, but now we’re on the case, feeling refreshed.

Oh, and ask Mom about her black eye. It’s a great conversation starter.

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