Fringe Day 4 – What’s Mom Seeing on Sunday?


by Matthew A. Everett • August 3, 2008 • A non-Rarig centered day, since “Bronze Bitch”/”Dog Tag” doesn’t have a performance today. So, of course, another day to run around in the car and make Al Gore cry…

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Conundrum – Joseph Bingham – Ritz

One of this year’s top 10. Dance full of wit and humor as well as grace. Show page here, video clip here, write-up here

Silent Poetry – Mime Inspired by Marcel Marceau – Dean Hatton – Mixed Blood

One of this year’s top 20. Mime. Yes, mime. I’m not kidding. If you’re ever going to get over your knee-jerk reaction to mim (like I’m doing, thanks to Dean), this show will definitely go a long way to help. Show page here, write-up here.

The Virginity of Astronauts – Electric Telescope – Intermedia Arts

One of this year’s top 20. A most guilty pleasure. Who knows how it’s all gonna turn out – Greek tragedy and sci-fi all crammed together in one Fringey package? But I can’t stay away. Show page here, video clip here, write-up here

Stupid Face – Courtney Roche – Rarig Xperimental

One of this year’s top 20. A hilarious revelation during Fringe preview season. Can’t wait to see the whole show at last. Show page here, video clip here, write-up here

Strawberry Fields Temporarily – Leaky Pen, Ink/Ben Sandell – Interact Center

A returning favorite. Ben’s wry, off-center sense of humor is a tonic. A welcome break from the wacky brand of comedy (though wacky has its place in my heart as well). Ben’s stories are smart, sly, unusual stuff. It’s great fun just to kick back and spend an hour in his presence. Show page here, video clip here, write-up here

An Intimate Evening With Fotis, part 2 – Mike Fotis – Minneapolis Theater Garage

A returning favorite. Mike always delivers smart, borderline neurotic, epic tales of personal adventure. I’m looking forward to this second helping of his solo performance. But if there’s a third intimate evening with Fotis coming up, I’m going to start feeling like someone’s required to put out. Show page here

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War – No Refunds Theater – Rarig Proscenium

One of this year’s top 10. Seen it before, outside the Fringe, but it’s so painfully funny, I can’t wait to see it again. Sharing it with Mom will be an added treat. Ninjas perform interpretive dance and sketch comedy to illuminate the wise, and frequently ignored advice, on how to fight, and more importantly how to win a fight by avoiding a fight altogether. Most amusing, most thought-provoking. A great way to end another marathon day. Show page here, write-up here

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