Fringe day 2—What’s Mom seeing Friday night?


by Matthew A. Everett • August 1, 2008 • Mom’s done folding my programs, now she’s checking her email, and catching up on all the Fringe bloggers, in preparation for tonight’s four show extravaganza.

Yesterday, we drove to the four corners of the Fringe for our four shows, no doubt making Al Gore cry as we repeatedly leaped in our car to zip to the next venue.

Today, we stick close to the Rarig, for tonight is our opening.

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First up, a show in the same venue as our own

Cowboy Dragqueen – DragIn Productions – Rarig Arena

“She’s back…Or is she? From the closet that brought you Fringe favorites ‘These Pumps are Killing Me’ and ‘The Sound of Muzak’ comes the tri of the trilogy. So saddle up and grab the reigns as our cowboy falls out of his Stetsons and into some JimmyChoo’s.”

A happy accident of scheduling. I missed my first couple of chances to see Coco Fondue in action, and then the Fringe Lottery ping pong balls were not kind the last couple of years. Finally, she has a show again. As the gracious (and always stylishly dressed) Vanna White to not one but two Fringe Executive Directors during the Fringe’s lotteries over the past several years, Coco and her portrayer have a lot of good Fringe kharma built up in my book, so I’m happy we’re sharing a venue and the schedules line up so nicely. Looking forward to it. Show page here

The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon, and Dog Tag – Magicword Theater – Rarig Arena

“’Six condoms?! You’re an optimist.’ If a $100 bill can bring a nerd and a frat boy together, can it last longer than the sex? If a dog can talk, can he reunite two estranged lovers?”

This one’s mine. No prying Mom away from our opening performance. Show page here, write-up here (and here and here), video clip here

Reincarnation: Another Chance At Failure – Rampleseed – Rarig Thrust

“Like life? Try several. See the relentless humiliations and inadvertent triumphs of one soul unimpeded by limits of time, space or logic. A two-man comedy that refuses to die.”

I’ve written about these guys at length. They’re number 1 on my pre-Fringe Top 10 list. And tonight, they are my treat for making it through the opening performance (yes, I’m not performing, but if we get a good crowd, and I remember to bring all the props and programs, and I am an inconspicuous spectator, that will be a feat in itself) – Show page here, write-up here and here, video clip here

For more info, check out

School of Rockstars – What Happened Productions – Rarig Thrust

“Rockstar Storytellers take you to school with spoken word, comedy and monologues that make the grade, from A+ (“Brown-Nosers”) to F (“Shut Up About My Potential”). New lineup each show.”

Another returning favorite, part of the one-two punch of Curt Lund and Laura Bidgood’s True Enough Theater and What Happened Productions double-teaming strategy for spoken word Fringe world domination. I had fun seeing the Rockstars in action earlier this year, and I’m sure tonight will be no different. Another treat at the end of opening day’s ramp-up and general nervousness. Show page here, video clip here

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